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The Bioacoustic Mat – Revolutionary Approach to Wellness Through Vibration

Vibroacoustic therapy mat

The Bioacoustic Mat – Revolutionary Approach to Wellness Through Vibration

We all know music can do wonders for your health. It lifts our mood, reduces our stress, and increases our endurance. With the right melody, tempo, and beat, music can send us into a euphoria. But, can we use music and sound to treat our bodies?

Vibroacoustic relaxation is a form of treatment that involves employing sound to produce vibrations which are applied to the body.  This emerging type of treatment is simple and non-intrusive, making it popular with many healing centers, spas, wellness centers, gyms, clinics, physical therapy and other private healing rooms.

Vibroacoustic relaxation was first thought to be introduced sometime around 1970 and 1980, pioneered by Norwegian therapist Olav Skille.  After having experimented with vibroacoustics extensively, Skille found that this form of relaxation was beneficial for many different uses.

Vibroacoustic relaxation uses two principles to restore the body.  The first is stimulating the body with mechanical vibrations produced by music to deliver a deep massage.  The second principle is called entrainment, which is how one rhythm tends to influence another rhythm.  Our moods are largely determined by the state of our brain waves, but with certain music we can spur our brains to be in another state.

The Bioacoustic mat sold here at Biomat Health is a revolutionary, lightweight, vibroacoustic sound healing and relaxation device.  The Bioacoustic Mat is soft and inflated by air, and designed to make relaxation easier and more convenient.

We went through many years of research and developmental speed bumps, but we are excited to have the Bioacoustic mat now available for sale. A product that can be used in conjunction with the Bioacoustic mat is the Amethyst Biomat.

Listening to music helps us reduce our stress levels.  However what if we could feel the relaxation as well?

The Bioacoustic Mat uses three speakers.  The first speaker is a powerful, low frequency transducer which sends vibrations into the larger muscles.  The two smaller speakers located near the top of the Bioacoustic mat play higher frequencies to target smaller muscles.

The low frequency vibrations from the Bioacoustic Mat stimulate the nerves in the spine, deep tissue, and limbic system.  This drives our emotional response, which activates the auditory nerves that connect to our muscle tissue which help relax them.

The Bioacoustic Mat comes with 12 specially designed soothing tracks to reenergize or relax your mind and body.  Dr.Lee Bartel, Director of the Canadian Music Education Research Center, developed the music for the BioAcoustic Mat.  He leads the charge for research on vibroacoustic therapy.  Dr. Bartel has professionally recorded and developed the therapeutic soundtracks with songs ranging from digital instruments to soothing nature sounds.

Why do you need music that has been designed by doctors?  Well, the music that comes with the Bioacoustic Mat is composed to be pleasing to the ear.  The music is also embedded with specific frequencies which encourage our brain to be happy, relaxed, focuses, or even sleepy!


Most people have heard of brainwaves, but they don't know exactly what they are.  Brainwaves are electrical pulses that are responsible for the communication between the neurons in your brain.  The state of your brain and how your day is going have an inseparable relationship. Using an EEG, or electroencephalography, a small metal band fitted with sensors that sits on your head, you can measure your brain activity.  Some of them might sound familiar to you - alpha waves, theta waves, and delta waves.  These different waves accompany the different types of emotional states.

bioacoustic sound bed waves

Delta brainwaves are slow, loud waves. These waves suspend our external awareness and are associated with the deepest stages of sleep.  Research has found that Delta waves contribute to regulating many of our unconscious bodily functions as well as give us a more restful sleep.

Theta brainwaves occur most often while we sleep, where we experience greater imagery and information than our normal consciousness. Theta waves provide a positive mental state, encourages creativity, and is associated with learning and memory.

Alpha brainwaves occur when you are in quiet thought. This brainwave can be recognized as the resting state of the brain.  Alpha waves aid us in keeping calm and coordinating our thoughts.

Beta brainwaves are another type of wave that dominates our waking consciousness. This type of wave is generated when your attention is directed towards cognitive tasks.  Beta waves are described as fast and are present when we are engaged and focused.

And finally, we have Gamma brainwaves, the fastest of brainwaves. This wave passes information quickly, and because of how quiet this wave is, it was first dismissed as “spare brain noise”.  Gamma brainwaves are more of a recent discovery so our understanding of them is still evolving, but it is speculated that it plays a role in how we engage with our consciousness.

Enjoy peace of mind as you get comfortable with the latest in home-therapy technology.  The Bioacoustic mat is a safe, user friendly, and non-invasive option when it comes to deep relaxation.


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