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Fake Biomats

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Knockoff Products on Amazon and Other Stores:

You may have noticed that when you search for a Biomat online, there are many cheaper, lower quality knock offs available. We do not carry our products on Amazon for example, but if you search for an Amazon Biomat mat, you will find an array of companies copying our product with lower standards of quality, safety and regulation.

Key Distinctions that set our Biomat apart from competitors are:

Don’t be fooled by low prices and looks alone.
With the rise of the internet and mall marketing sites such as Amazon and Alibaba, shopping is easier than ever. Websites like Kickstarter make it easy to showcase a new product concept and raise the funds to make the product a reality. However, with the ease of convenience comes a few perturbing, and in some cases, hazardous down sides.
For business owners and product innovators, the growth of the internet and internet mall marketing websites has been both a blessing and a curse. While the internet makes it easier for visionaries to get their products out onto the market, it also makes it easier for those willing to replicate ideas for their own gain. In the modern age, a new product concept could be advertised or posted to a site like Kickstarter, and a knockoff of that very product could be advertised for sale on Amazon or Alibaba by a copycat manufacturer in a matter of weeks.
CNBC reported on this very issue this time last year. Many reputable businesses are feeling the effects from knockoffs, particularly from China, that undercut on price and gain the unknowing shopper’s attention through questionable business practices, such as jumping seller ranks on Amazon through an abundance of fraudulent positive reviews or making dubious claims and comparisons regarding the knockoff product.
Furthermore, while it is easy enough to copy the look of a product and have it look the same to the average Joe or Jane, the overall quality, functionality, and effectiveness of the final product are what truly matters.
Amazon Biomat
The Biomat®, Knockoff Heating Pads,and FDA Registration Compliance
A product as advanced and groundbreaking as the Biomat is definitely not immune to such knockoffs. The Biomat is a state of the art far-infrared healing device which also produces beneficial negative ions. It is unlike anything seen on the market.
Scores of heating pads have flooded internet mall marketing sites from a few (mostly) Chinese-based manufacturers. Some manufacturers try to imitate the look of the Biomat and some infringe upon our registered trademark, “Biomat®,” to describe their basic heating pads to mislead consumers.
To the average consumer, it may seem like a sweet deal to purchase a heating pad that looks the same as an original Biomat with a lower cost. While in some cases, cheaper items can be considered a substantial value, like most other cases, Biomat knockoffs are a prime example of “you get what you pay for.”
Our original Biomat® is registered with and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
We are also registered with the FDA as the official importer, specification developer and complaint file establishment for the Biomat® and as the manufacturer through Richway & Life Co. (R&L) in South Korea. This means that Richway & Fuji Bio Inc is completely responsible for the designing, developing, manufacturing, and servicing of the Biomat®.
Most sellers of knockoff products do not manufacture; most act solely as distributors. They have no legitimate input into the manufacturing and design of their products. These knockoff sellers generally outsource to a third-party manufacturing facility (usually in China) and slap their brand name on to the final product.
While most of these knockoff competitors claim they are FDA registered to sell their brand of basic heating pads, a quick search from the FDA’s database will reveal that many of these distributors are not registered as they say. To be completely compliant with the FDA as a distributor of a medical device, the manufacturer and importer/distributor of the product must be registered with the FDA.
The parties must be listed as such. Some manufacturers of knockoff heating pads are registered with the FDA. However, the importer/distributor and entity handling quality control (company in the United States) are usually not registered.
This further proves that they are not involved in the manufacturing of their products. Richway & Fuji Bio and our contract manufacturer, Richway & Life (R&L) Co., are both currently registered with the FDA in a compliant manner.
biomat vs imitation heating pads

Studies, Tests, and Certifications

The Biomat is a medical device which has been consistently developed and improved over the past 20 years. Because the Biomat has been proven effective in many applications, many medical practitioners use it in their practice to help their clients. Many other businesses including yoga instructors and massage therapists use the Biomat to enhance their classes and sessions.
An abundance of studies involving far infrared and thermotherapy exist. Many knockoff companies relate these studies to their heating pads. While these studies do highlight and prove the many benefits of far infrared rays and even negative ions, the positive results were not the results of subjects using the knockoff heating pads.
On the other hand, the Biomat® itself has been the main subject of a few studies and featured in a few books. Dr. George Grant of the International Academy of Wellness (IAW) conducted a study on the Biomat which is published in the Prime International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.Unlike the knockoff products currently on the market, the Biomat has undergone rigorous testing and has many certifications to prove its safety and efficacy. The Biomat has been properly registered with the US FDA, South Korean FDA, and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Japan as a medical device. The Biomat has also been certified for electrical safety.
Our CSA certification indicates the Biomat and Bio-belt™ have been evaluated by CSA and found to comply with their requirements for their standards. The CSA certification provides increased assurance of quality and safety to consumers.
Richway & Fuji Bio and R&L also currently have the ISO 13485 certification indicating our quality management systems have been audited and certified to meet the standards of the International Standards Organization.
amethyst biomat certification

Do Your Research and Buy with Confidence

Many knockoff manufacturers are just starting up, and while many claim to have superior warranties, many come with fine print and technical wording that make them sound better than they are. Why take a gamble on a company that may be here today and gone tomorrow?

Also, be wary of what you read on the internet. Not all reviews and health blogs are legitimate. This includes Amazon Biomat reviews. Some reviewers receive kickbacks for positive reviews. Do your research and check multiple sources, so you can make an informative purchase that’s worth your hard-earned money.

We recommend asking these pop up companies for material certification of the component pieces in the product. For example, are they using genuine high quality crystals like Richway Biomats with a gem certification? Or are they heat treating to disguise lower quality stones? Are they using synthetic crystal powders and plastic resins with VOC emissions that are made to look like crystals? Besides saying the words “EMF Protection” on their materials, have they actually tested the products for electro smog / EMFs with a trimeter to confirm EMFs are blocked in the entire mat, or are they just putting a layer of foil in the mat and calling it good? In our Biomats, the EMF is blocked at the level of the controller unlike any competitor, and it can be tested and confirmed for safety from EMF emission.

When you order a Richway Biomat®, you can rest assured that you will be able to attain superb service. We’re different from medicrystal mats, HealthLine biomats, because we come with a class-leading warranty and repair program. Your purchase is backed by a company in business for 20 years and counting with the tools and resources necessary to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

Amethyst Biomat vs Charmed Biomat

Amethyst Biomat vs HealthyLine Biomat

Watch the above video to learn the differences between Biomat vs Healthyline mats. There’s some significant differences between the healthline biomat and the Richway Biomat.

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