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What is the Biomat Far Infrared Mat?

The Biomat infrared heating pad is an FDA licensed medical device that combines state of the art Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology with the healing power of Amethyst crystal and Tourmaline.

Amethyst (1)
far infrared heating pad

This far infrared heating pad delivers professional therapeutic results in a home or professional setting.

The Biomat far infrared heating pad is a revolutionary healing tool, ideal for health care professionals or anyone interested in improving their overall health and wellbeing. 

This amethyst heating pad comes in various sizes.  You can sleep on all the sizes, but we carry sizes in Single Biomat, Queen Biomat, and King Biomat sizes made to fit your bed.  The Amethyst Biomat Professional is a size that fits perfectly on a massage table and is ideal for health professionals, or people that want a Biomat in their bed in a targeted area, not the entire surface.  The Mini Biomat is smaller and contours into chairs, or lays flat and can be used for a targeted area in the body.  We also carry a Biobelt which wraps around the lower back. 

The Biomat is approved by the FDA as an over the counter medical device with certification standards that outshine any other far infrared mat available on the market.  These include FDA Approved Medical Device #2954299, with validation of FDA registration by Registrar Corp. Additionally, it holds FDA 510(k) Medical Device Approval.  Only authentic, gem quality crystals are found in our Biomat. 

Compare Sizes and Models of the Biomat

Biobelt Biomat Mini Biomat Professional Biomat Single Biomat Queen Biomat King
Price $ 600.00 $ 780.00 $ 1950.00 $ 2950.00 $ 3500.00 $ 4650.00
Dimensions 18.11″ x 8.26″
(460 mm x 210 mm)
Measurement of the
jewel portion of the belt.
17" W x 33" L
(330 x 850 mm)
27.56″ W x 74″ L
(700 x 1880 mm)
39.37" W x 77.81" L
(1000 x 2002mm)
55.11" W x 77.81" L
(1400 x 2000mm)
72.65" W x 77.81" L
(1800 x 2000mm)
Gemstones Amethyst,Green
Tiger Eye,Elvan
Amethyst and Tourmaline Amethyst and Tourmaline Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst
Weight 6 lbs / 2.72 kg 8.2 lb / 3.8 kg 28 lbs / 13 kg 37.47 lb / 17 kg 59.52 lbs / 27 kg 72.75 lbs / 33 kg
Temperature Range 95°F - 149°F
(35°C - 65°C)
95°F - 158°F
(35°C - 70°C)
95°F - 158°F
(35°C - 70°C)
95°F - 158°F
(35° - 70°C)
95°F - 158°F
(35° - 70°C)
95°F - 158°F
(35° - 70°C)
Electric Consumption 50W 50W 160W 180W 180W 180W
Biomat Infrared Mat with woman sitting on it
Infrared Mat

Many have experienced numerous benefits from far infrared and negative ion technology, including:

infrared heating pad

The Biomat’s technology provides relief and speeds the repair and regeneration of muscles. The Biomat far infrared heating pad regulates the body’s immune, endocrine, lymphatic, and nervous systems, improving overall wellbeing.

Many insurance companies consider the use of the Biomat far infrared mat heating pad as a viable treatment option for pain as well as other musculoskeletal problems.

The Biomat infrared mat delivers the benefits of a Far Infrared sauna for a fraction of the price. This unique infrared heating pad delivers the positive benefits of Far Infrared as well as generating 6.8 microns of Medium “Human” Infrared. According to NASA research, Human Infrared normalizes a variety of important physiological functions, especially glandular functions. This human infrared feature of the Bio mat makes it different from any other infrared device on the market. Keep reading to learn more about this infrared mat & the Biomat Therapy benefits.

man laying on infrared mat

In addition, traditional infrared saunas and devices use 120 volts of AC current. AC current has been proven to be highly detrimental to human health. AC (or alternating current) disturbs the human biological field. The Biomat infrared mat protects the body from harmful AC current by providing a 5-tiered buffering system in which the AC current is converted into DC (direct current) which is bio-electrically compatible with the human body.

Photos of our Far Infrared Heating Pad (The Biomat) & accompanying Products

BioMat far infrared heating pad
Professional size Biomat Far Infrared Heating Pad
Infrared Mat
Biomat Professional infrared mat + Mini Biomat infrared mat
far infrared heating pad Biomat
Biomat Infrared Mat Professional + Pillow on Top of BioAcoustic Mat
Amethyst BioMat
Quantum Energy Pad on top of Biomat Infrared Mat Professional

Far Infrared Rays

infrared heating pad benefit

There are many different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma rays, X-rays, and UV rays have shorter wavelengths than visible light. Microwaves and radio waves have longer wavelengths than visible light. These wavelengths can cause damage with prolonged exposure. Infrared light lies within the perfect “safe zone,” producing wavelengths that are not harmful to the human body.

Infrared energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is invisible to the eye. However, we can see infrared energy by its heat signature.

In the visible world, we see objects by reflected light. In the infrared world, we see objects by their temperature.  See the round image above.  Hotter objects are of warmer tones (cat) and cooler ones are depicted in cooler tones (wall/floor).

infrared heating pad benefits
infrared heating pad

Emissivity is the measure of an objects ability to emit infrared energy. Emissivity test range values are always between 0 (reflects) -1.0 (absorbs and emits).

Emissivity means the effectiveness in emitting energy as thermal radiation. “Black body” is a term used in physics to be a perfect emitter of radiation. This test demonstrates how well the Biomat’s amethyst radiates infrared energy when compared to a “perfect” material at the same temperature.

far infrared heating pad benefits
far infrared heating pad benefits

This report shows our amethyst pad emits mid and far infrared energy when heated. The concentrations of heat center around 6-8 (mid) to 10-14 (far) microns. The mixture of both mid and far infrared rays allows for even and deep penetration into your body.

As you lay on the amethyst heating pad, the far-infrared rays penetrate your body. Infrared energy prompts the release of nitric oxide (NO); a gaseous signaling molecule which is crucial to the health of your arteries.  Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to vasodilate, or become more flexible and widen. This enhances blood flow. This is the mechanism which causes increased blood flow in the Bio matt.  

amethyst heating pad

How are Far Infrared Rays created in the Biomat?

The method of generating Far Infrared Rays (FIR) through the Biomat Infrared mat is accomplished by sending pulses of energy (DC-Current) through a carbon ceramic material called the Japanese Kurera’s Super Fiber. As the (FIR) passes through the Amethyst crystals, the crystals emit Long Wave Far Infrared Rays (8-12 microns) that penetrate 6-8 inches deep through the body. Therefore, the rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body, but also all the cells, including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves in the deepest parts of the body.  This makes the Biomat infrared mat the best infrared heating pad on the pemf crystal mat market. 

What are Far Infrared Rays and where do they come from?

Far Infrared technology was first brought to us by nature herself. All living beings emit certain amounts of (FIR). Traditionally, we’ve gotten our daily dose of (FIR) from sunlight, which is composed of all the energy wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Far Infrared Rays are a form of energy that are part of the electromagnetic light frequency of sunlight that is not visible to the human eye. These Far Infrared Rays are safe, gentle, and beneficial – unlike the damaging effects of short wavelengths such as gamma rays and X-rays. NASA discovered how to generate (FIR) in the 1960’s to keep astronauts healthy in space. Far Infrared Rays are the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic energy available to the human body.

What are the health benefits of Far Infrared Rays found in the BioMat infrared mat?

Far Infrared Rays relieve Pain and Stress:

Far Infrared Rays relieve pain and stress by expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation. Better circulation allows more oxygen to reach injured areas of the body, helps reduce pain, and speed up the healing process. The (FIR) light not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body, but also at a cellular level, including the blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves in the deepest parts of the body. These rays vitalize the biological function of our cells and relieve neuralgia, backache, and arthritis pain, as well as help eliminate toxins and carbon dioxide from our blood. In addition, far infrared wave treatments have been used for cancer, chronic pain, stress, numbness, joint pain, rheumatism, low blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. The Far Infrared wave speeds up cellular metabolic processes, stimulating the activity of mitochondria, and triggering enzyme activity as well as the healing regeneration and normalization of damaged cell tissue. Also, far infrared light waves are essential for bone growth as well as preventing osteoporosis. This is some of the benefits of far infrared therapy.

Far Infrared Rays Effect Hormonal Balance of the Body:

Dr. George Brainard found that light affects the hormonal balance of the body, in the levels of melatonin, prolactin, cortisone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones, and that light is essential to the functioning of our entire endocrine system. Far Infrared Rays promote vasodilation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to soft tissue regions, stimulating the removal of toxins, and decreasing inflammation and edema from the soft tissue. Detoxification strengthens the immune system, revitalizes skin tone, and helps normalize eczema and acne. Additionally, far infrared rays help reduce muscle spasm through heat, and reduce swelling, inflammation, and soreness through direct action on both free nerve endings and peripheral nerves. Other benefits include improving the balance of the blood pressure and blood sugar.

Far Infrared technology was first brought to us by nature herself. All living beings emit certain amounts of (FIR). Traditionally, we’ve gotten our daily dose of (FIR) from sunlight, which is composed of all the energy wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Far Infrared Rays are a form of energy that are part of the electromagnetic light frequency of sunlight that is not visible to the human eye. These Far Infrared Rays are safe, gentle, and beneficial – unlike the damaging effects of short wavelengths such as gamma rays and X-rays. NASA discovered how to generate (FIR) in the 1960’s to keep astronauts healthy in space. Far Infrared Rays are the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic energy available to the human body.

Far Infrared Rays and Weight Loss

You can safely get a full cardio workout and burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes with the Biomat. It is perfect for those who are disabled or not well enough to get the daily exercise needed to stay healthy. Perspiring is part of the complex thermoregulatory process of the body that increases the heart rate, cardio output, and metabolic rate. The process requires a large amount of energy and reduces excess moisture, salt, and subcutaneous fat. Fat becomes water soluble at 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and the body sweats out fats and toxins


Amethyst Crystal

biomat amethyst

The Biomat infrared mat is further enhanced with amethyst crystals, known for their calming and healing effects since ancient times. Amethyst crystal has come to be known as a power crystal with prolific healing powers that can be characterized as purifying, pacifying, and transitional. Known for its power to detoxify the body from alcohol and other harmful elements, amethyst also naturally produces far infrared rays. These rays found in the amethyst Biomat revitalize the biological function of our cells to relieve neuralgia, backaches, and arthritis. Amethyst has been deemed as “nature’s tranquilizer” by many health practitioners because of its effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind, but also the nervous system.

The Amethyst Effect was scientifically demonstrated through spectral analysis, which demonstrated a change in infrared light when refracted through amethyst crystals. Scientists experimented with passing far infrared rays through a variety of substances, including various gems, glasses, and plastics. Amethyst was found to be the only substance which clearly changed the spectrum of infrared light. Wave forms mimicked patterns similar to the human voice, according to scientists. While no theory has been proposed regarding the Amethyst Effect, scientists hypothesize that the infrared light passed through the amethyst releases over 20 million years of information which is made available to the human body for healing purposes.

The field of Far Infrared Crystallography explains this effect in further detail. Far Infrared Rays refracted through amethyst crystals organize the light into geometrical patterns with higher bio-compatibility. Korean researchers propose that the addition of amethyst in the Biomat infrared mat allows for greater increase in the utilization of the benefical far infrared light by the human organism.



tourmaline biomat far infrared mat

The Biomat infrared mat  contains not only amethyst crystals, but also tourmaline crystals.  

Tourmaline is a semi precious stone known for its miraculous ability to emit far infrared heat (FIR) and negative ions, which is why it is included in the pillow and Biomat.

Tourmaline is known to exert a cleansing and liberating energy upon our entire nervous system, promoting a clearing and stabilizing effect. It can be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, detoxification, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system.

It was found in a research station in Japan that, even though tourmaline was broken down in smaller pieces, a positive and a negative electrode existed on both end of the crystal, and the electrodes never disappeared unless tourmaline was boiled near 1000°C. In addition, when the positive and the negative electrodes of a tourmaline crystal were connected to each other, it was proven to show low electricity of 0.06mA.

Tourmaline has been researched and found to activate animal and plant metabolism. The far infrared energy that Tourmaline naturally emits causes a resonance in the body at the same frequency as water.

All matter is made up of uniquely arranged electrons and molecules all moving in unison. When molecules are illuminated with electromagnetic radiation of the same intrinsic vibration frequency as the substance itself, the electromagnetic wave energy is absorbed and the amplitude of that substance’s molecular vibration is increased. That’s why when far infrared rays, having the same vibration frequency, illuminate a substance, that substance will filter out the far infrared rays and experience a “resonance absorption.”

This is a process known as “resonance-absorption to heat-generation” with the aid of far infrared rays. In other words, the vibration of atoms and molecules will result in resonance absorption.

When we feel hot, we will instinctively seek shade. When we feel cold, we seek the warmth of sunshine. No one teaches us these responses. We have an innate desire for a comfortable temperature.Comfortable temperatures are actually synonymous with a comfortable energy frequency or “wavelength.” That wavelength happens to be 8 to 14 microns – the same as far infrared rays. The seventy-five percent of our bodies composed of water, protein, fat and other substances all must function properly to sustain life.

When living things absorb far infrared rays of 8 to 14 micron wavelength, they experience “resonance absorption.” The vibrating movement of molecules in living tissue produces an increase in energy which in turn activates cells and enhances metabolism.

Far infrared rays (FIR) have three properties: radiation, deep penetration, and resonance absorption.

Let’s look at the relationship between these three properties and living things.

1. Radiation: FIR can directly reach human bodies just like light does. For example, sunlight, which is also radiation, reaches earth through the vastness of space.

2. Deep penetration: FIR can reach well into subcutaneous layers of the body (or water) with its deep penetration ability, generating internal warmth suitable for molecule activation in living tissue.

3. Resonance absorption: Once illuminated, there is intrinsic vibration of body components – water, protein, fat, enzymes. And, the interior of molecules – atoms and atomic structures – experience the resonance absorption of FIR of their same frequency. This elevation of molecular energy is known as “resonance and absorption.”

In summary, Tourmaline and far infrared rays will help to enhance and energize both your physical and spiritual states.


Negative Ions

What are Negative Ions and where do they come from?

Ions are electrically charged atoms or group of atoms formed by the loss or gain of one or more electrons.  Negative ions (anions) are created by the gain of an electron and positive ions (cations) are created by the loss of an electron.  They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. You may have experienced the power of negative ions when you last set foot on the beach, or walked through a waterfall. While part of the euphoria is simply being around these majestic settings, the air circulating in the mountains and the ocean is said to contain tens of thousands of negative ions. At Yosemite Falls, you’ll experience over 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. On the other hand, if you are on the freeway or in your office, you will experience under 100 negative ions or maybe even none.

How are Negative Ions created in the Biomat Infrared mat?

The Biomat Far Infrared Heating Pad features the Kurera Super Fiber from Japan. When the Kurera Super Fibers interact with DC energy, the potential field surrounding the material is converted into a negatively charged field. When 1000 volts of electricity are slowed down and converted into DC energy, the Kurera Super Fiber generates a discharge of Negative Ions into the air and converts positive ions into negative ions inside the body. When 600-1000 volts of negative potential is applied to your body, more calcium and sodium minerals are circulating in the blood stream. This process changes an acidified body to an alkaline body. Although it uses a high voltage, there in no danger because there is no current flowing. This device is sometimes called a static electric treatment or high potential device. This is the best infrared heating pad that you can get.

This test shows the amount of negative ions that were detected from the Biomat® during this test. Every unit on the test consists of 102 ion/cc (ions per cubic centimeter). Therefore, the reading shows 3,236 X 102 = 330,072 ions pcs/cc (pieces per cubic centimeter).

Why are they called Negative Ions?

Negative ions have a positive effect on people. Positive ions have a negative effect on people. An atom that has one of its normal orbiting electrons removed is called a positive ion. An atom with an extra electron added is called a negative ion. So you see, its kind of backwards – the terms “negative” and “positive” are actually reversed. Its a misnomer that we can thank Benjamin Franklin for. Back in his time, electrons (with a “negative” charge) and atoms were not understood correctly. So we’re stuck in the 18th century terminology, and that is why they are called “negative ions.”

How do the Negative Ions affect the cells?

The human body consists of billions of cells, and each is enclosed by a cell membrane. This cell membrane performs many important roles, and some of these are absorbing nutrients, vitamins, hydration, and minerals. The cell membrane is also responsible for eliminating acidic waste material and toxins. When the amount of ions in the blood is increased, the function of the cell is activated. When there are more positive ions, the cell membranes close and the cell’s ability to absorb nutrition and eliminate toxins is disabled. Through research done by Dr. Tim Tanaka in Japan, it was discovered that when ionization is introduced, the ions in calcium and natrium (salt) in the blood increases, and the blood is purified. The blood then becomes more alkaline. Why is that important? Well for one, cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Health Benefits Of Negative Ion Exposure:

Is The Biomat Far Infrared Heating Pad Safe?​

heating pad results

Kirlian photo of the body with a common heating pad applied for 10 minutes. Only the skin surface is affected in the area.

does biomat work

Kirlian photo of the body with the Biomat applied for 5 minutes. Skin is penetrated 80x more deeply than other kinds of heat. Because of this, it can warm the body from the inside out, and stimulate the system.

The Biomat Infrared Mat is safer than other far infrared heating pads because there are no harmful electro-magnetic waves. Studies have shown that the use of common electric heating pads may cause carcinogenic cellular activity. The Biomat Infrared mat / heating pad uses remote computer frequencies that generate far infrared light-waves and negative ions. Heat is created through these natural, beneficial light-waves from vibratory signals, and conducted into the amethyst bed via its high-tech messaging system. This advanced technology works without electric coils, and functions through a state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Wave Interceptor. The Biomat amethyst bed energetics penetrate 80 times more deeply than electric heat.  This makes the Biomat amethyst bed the best far infrared heating pad on the market. 

Unlike an electric blanket, the surface of the heating pad with crystals does not get hot when its turned on. However, once you lie down on it, it begins to warm the inside of your body and the part of the heating pad making contact with your skin gets warm. When any part of the infrared pad gets higher than the selected temperature, the sheet current is cut off by thermal sensors distributed throughout the infrared heating pad. It comes with an external control box where the AC is converted to DC and you can adjust the desired temperature of the Biomat amethyst heating pad. Our Biomat infrared pad is the best infrafred heating pad on the market!

Biomat Infrared Mat Layers
BioMat Infrared Mat Layers For Protection

Top Questions About the Far Infrared Heating Pad

Our customers regularly report what a significant difference the Amethyst Biomat has made in their health. This top quality healing far infrared product is an FDA licensed class II medical device and has been approved for many ailments. The Biomat utilizes advanced healing technology. You can read some of the research behind far infrared and negative ion technology here. You can also read our customer testimonials here. The Pope has even blessed the Biomat! When people ask “Do Biomats work?” we can confidently yes say they do.

But you don’t have to take our word for it on why this is the best infrared heating pad – try it at home for 7 days and see how it affects you.

Click here to set up a trial in your home. The unit ships to you for free (in the US and Canada.) If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund (minus shipping.)

Yes, you can sleep on it nightly. Its firm and offers appreciable, even support to the body. It is recommended to sleep on the lower green settings.The Biomat creates a deeply relaxing state of being and many customers report loving to sleep on their Biomat and waking up feeling deeply refreshed. Some customers need a softer and cushier surface to sleep on, and can find the stones firm. In this case, we recommend the Quantum Energy Pad, which was designed to make the Biomat more comfortable to lay on for long periods of time.

Yes, all the different Biomat model sizes can be used in a bed. The Mini Biomat is best used for the car, chair, waiting room, or even for a pet. The Professional Biomat fits perfectly on a massage table, but can also be used in a bed. The single queen , and king size tourmaline mats are designed to be stationed on a bed or on the floor.

We have an entire page dedicated to outlining the key benefits of this infrared heating mat including the vibroacoustic therapy, biomat therapy and far infrared therapy it offers. We have plenty of infrared mat reviews from happy customers who have seen benefits. Learn more about the Biomat far infrared Therapy benefits and why it is the best far infrared heating pad on the market. Click Here.

far infrared vs biomat

They are some key advantages that the Amethyst Biomat has over a regular far infrared sauna that make it an excellent alternative.

  • The Biomat is less expensive.
  • The Biomat Far Infrared Heating Pad can fold away into a closet, unlike the space commitment needed to install a sauna in your home. You can easily travel with a Biomat too, and the Mini Biomat and Professional model comes with travel cases.
  • The Biomat is more effective at delivering far infrared rays to the body. A typical far infrared sauna penetrates 2 inches into the body. A Biomat penetrates 6 – 8 inches through the entire body.
  • The Biomat is multifunctional. It serves as a far infrared sauna on the highest setting, but it can also be used at lower settings for a range of different therapeutic uses. You can even sleep on the Biomat! And since it can be stationed in your bed, it can be easier to incorporate into your lifestyle.
  • The Biomat uses significantly less power, saving you money on your electric bill.
  • The far infrared delivered by the Biomat is more bio-available than a regular far infrared sauna because the far infrared projects through amethyst crystals.
  • The Biomat is not only a far infrared sauna – it combines high quality amethyst gemstones with the deeply relaxing component of negative ions, making it a trilogy of unique healing power with many benefits beyond a typical far infrared sauna. The negative ions generated by the Biomat stimulate serotonin and enter the body through conduction. To get that same effect in regular far infrared saunas, you need to pour water over hot rocks.
  • The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device.

How To Use A Biomat As A Far Infrared Sauna:


1. Lay down either a layer of cotton towels, or a waterproof Biomat cover, depending on how much you sweat.

2. Put the temperature up to the highest setting and pre-heat your Biomat for about an hour.

3. Lie on your Biomat with minimal to no clothing. If you do have anything on your body, make sure it is 100% natural (no synthetics.) Remove any jewelry.

4. For amplified heat, wrap yourself in one of the gold space blankets provided as a gift with your .

5. Cover yourself with either a cotton sheet, or a down comforter.

6. As you lay on the Biomat, pay attention to the point in which you feel lots of circulation and heat and begin to sweat. Once that process has begun, you can enjoy the treatment for 15 – 45 minutes.

7. Make sure you drink lots of water before and after your treatment!

Some people worry about the correlation of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) frequencies and the Biomat. The Biomat is registered with the FDA as a medical device with 510k status. As such, the Biomat has been put through numerous safety and performance tests, including electro-magnetic field safety. Electro-magnetic frequencies naturally exist in many things, even infrared rays. What makes an EMF harmful is when the hertz level is less than one million. The infrared ray is 20 billion hertz which is not harmful. Since the Biomat is an electrical device,the manufacturer has incorporated a feature into the mats that blocks 100% of harmful EMFs caused by electricity.

EMF biomat

Testimonials Regarding EMFs:


“As a researcher and promoter of quality health products, I am always searching for the most effective. Personally, I am very electro-magnetic sensitive, which limits my time and use of some wonderful products. What I found most interesting with the Amethyst Biomat is that it seems my core resistance to electro-magnetics is becoming stronger. I can go to the grocery store, use other electrical products, sit at the computer and even be on the phone much longer than before, which is a true God-send. Thank You.” ~ M.A. ”   “I am stunned. There is NO EMF reading over the Biomat…none. I get expected 110 AC EMF numbers of up to 50 milligauss from the power cord right up to where it plugs into the pad…but then my Tri-Field meter reads ZERO over the mat itself.   This is a huge breakthrough and achievement. I’ve used several other Far Infrared devices and later found out they are radiating enormous amounts of EMF right into the people using them. But NONE comes from the Biomat. The heat in the Biomat is evenly-dispersed, too. There are no hot spots. This is simply a great product.” ~ J.R.

View A Comparison Of The Amethyst Biomat With An Electric Blanket Here

In many instances, insurance will cover your purchase of the Amethyst Biomat if your condition is related to pain or circulation issues. Currently, the main types of insurance claims being paid are PIP, Workman’s Comp, and Flexible Medical. For more information, contact us via Live Chat chat , Email , or Phone
We get this question alot. So we’ve put together a video to show you the two side by side, so you can easily see the differences. Please note this video was made before the new touch screen controllers. The Mini Biomat is recommended for chairs, car seats, animals, children, or people who only need the far infrared therapy on a specialized part of their body. The Professional Biomat is the smallest size that covers the entire body, and it is exactly the size of a massage table. This is better for whole-body treatments and detoxifying sauna sessions than the Mini Biomat. Also, the Mini Biomat has a small controller, and the Professional Biomat has a larger controller with a timer.

Watch the video below comparing the Amethyst Biomat Professional and Mini Biomat

Richway is conducting extensive research on energy therapy. 
Many research institutions aim to study scalar energy as the ultimate goal of energy therapy. 
However, researching scalar energy is challenging here because most of the relevant data is in Russia.
On the other hand, magnetic field energy is an entirely different field. 
Clinical records regarding its negative effects on the human body exist. 
While there are speculative assumptions about its potential benefits to the human body, actual clinical trial data is scarce.
Negative clinical findings regarding magnetic fields include the following: 
“Magnetic fields concentrate iron in the blood, which can lead to problems with oxygen supply in the blood.” 
This suggests that magnetic fields, whether generated by general magnetic fields or coils, may cause similar issues. 
Therefore, we aim to minimize the intensity of magnetic fields as much as possible.
In contrast, far infrared, negative ions, and sound therapy are energy forms that have already undergone extensive validation, resulting in minimal side effects.

Sacred Geometry And The Biomat Infrared Mat

Hidden within the layers of the pad is a sacred symbol known to many as the Hideo pattern. This
geometric pattern resembles a lotus in full bloom.

Calvin Kim learned about the pattern through studying the research of Dr. Hideo. Soon after, he began to incorporate the pattern into all models of the Biomat®.

The Hideo pattern is an energy pattern which incorporates sacred geometry. The Hideo pattern is currently used on current versions of the cotton pad included with the Biomat® and imprinted upon a layer within the Biomat®.

Sacred geometry helps us understand the wonderful world around us.Examining the complex patterns is like a glimpse into the mind of the creator and helps us to unfold the mysteries of creation. These energetic blueprints are the building blocks of the natural world and form complex systems designed to do their job.

Evidence of sacred geometry is found everywhere. From the way plants grow to parts of the human body; all forms are permeated with the pattern’s energy. One aspect central to sacred geometry is known as the Golden Ratio. By understanding it, you will begin to recognize its form in music and architecture. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio studied since the time of the Greeks; it occurs in nature and is how we determine if something is aesthetically pleasing.

The real beauty behind sacred geometry is that it satisfies both the artistic expression of the right brain with the intellectual thoughts of the left.

Two examples demonstrating this is the flower of life and the Fibonacci sequence.

Sacred Icon
Night Sky

The Flower Of Life

The Flower of Life is a powerful and meaningful shape in sacred geometry. It is so universal; you have probably seen the pattern before. It is easily identifiable by its overlapping evenly spaced rings.

The flower is composed of 19 circles. The first originates in the center with the others around it. To many, it represents the cycle of creation and demonstrates that all life and consciousness stems from one source.

The symbol can be found in temples, art and manuscripts throughout diverse cultures around the world. Even Leonardo da Vinci was intrigued by the pattern and studied its form and mathematical properties.

The Flower of Life has been found at numerous locations around the world. Some of them include:

China – The Forbidden City and Buddhist temples.

Israel – Synagogues in the Galilee and in Mesada.

Japan – Various Buddhist temples.

India –The Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple), Hampi, and the Buddhist Temples in Ajanta.

Turkey – City of Ephesus, in Izmar Italy – Italian art from the 13th century.

Spain – Mosque of Cordoba Cyprus – Kourion archaelogical site.

The Flower of Life is beautifully balanced and proportioned. This geometric shape continues to be used in spiritual practices today.

Green Plant

It is all around us. Look closely, and in nature you will start to see shapes and patterns showing the divine nature of things. Ancient cultures and religions recognized that some these patterns and shapes are repeated. Breaking them down into mathematical formulas, a theory arose that the building blocks for everything in the universe can be found in sacred geometry.

Many plants have spiraling patterns. The spines of a cactus, the seeds of a sunflower, and the bracts of a pinecone all show the complex mathematical patterns found in nature. This spiral formula is known as the Fibonacci sequence. It reveals how plants grow – building and multiplying in the most efficient way.

Fibonacci numbers are not only found in plants. A chambered nautilus shell demonstrates its logarithmic spirals, and so does the cochlea of the inner ear. The ratio between the forearm and the hand as well as the proportions of the human finger all exhibit Fibonacci characteristics.

One of the greatest examples of the sequence is right around our planet. Look at the way our galaxy spirals. When we examine the world through a powerful telescope or a microscope, it will become apparent that our entire world is filled with the energetic blueprints called sacred geometry. These vibrational forms are symbolic of the inseparable relationship underlying all things created.

Flower of Life

Biomat and the Body Temperature

Check out this study analyzing temperature changes in different parts of the body after time on the Biomat.
Biomat Health Illustration

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Setting Up The​ Biomat Far Infrared Heating Pad

amethyst crystal mat
amethyst crystal mat
Biomat Health Illustration

100% No-Obligation Risk Free Trial.

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