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  • New distributors receive introductory 20% commission bonus!
  • Receive commission from your direct sales...INFINITELY!
  • Receive multiple bonuses and benefits
  • Work at your own pace - without pressure of any kind.
  • As you build your business, you increase your earnings.
  • No need to stock inventory or charge credit cards
  • Get set up with a website to share with your clients

Special Offer for New Distributors:  During your first 45 days, receive 20% in Sales Commission and 20% in Product Certificates on all new orders (excluding yourself.)

Introducing people to the Biomat and our other products is easy - most of it is simply demo-ing the products. Most people instantly experience a positive change in their wellbeing after as little as 10 minutes on the Biomat. As a distributor, you can help people to develop their own connection to the products and let the product sell itself. If you have a practice or business where people can regularly experience the Biomat, becoming a distributor will be a way for you to help expose the wonderful benefits of these products, and be financially rewarded with an additional stream of income at the same time.

The best way to let others experience the products is by creating a safe, healing environment and playing relaxing music during their Biomat session. The Biomat is a very powerful detoxifier, so it is best to do the first demo for 30 minutes maximum and on level 3 (1st gold setting). Be sure to provide water, as it is very important to stay hydrated on the Biomat, much like after a massage.

In addition, if you have colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family who you also believe would benefit from the use of the Biomat and/or other products, there is an excellent pay structure available that supports teamwork and collaboration.

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Distributor Kit

How it Works

1. Purchase a Distributor Kit ($80 total)

First, buy a distributor kit which gives you lifetime membership as a distributor. The purchase of a distributor kit will enroll you in the system. You will receive a kit in the mail with sales materials, forms, DVDs, books, and more . You need only to activate it yearly, no other fees are required. You can buy your distributor kit at the same time as one of our products, or you can buy the product first, and the kit later.  Or the kit first, and the product later.  Either way, you will get credit for your first sale by acquiring business centers which will reward you when you start selling the products.  You do not need to own a product to become a distributor.  But it will definitely help when you are ready to start demoing the unit for others and making sales.

2. Second, purchase $500 or more worth of product.

While it is not required to have purchased product to become a distributor, you will need to purchase product eventually in to qualify for binary bonus checks. For every $500 spent in your name, you will receive business centers which will generate bonus checks for a lifetime with no limits.

How You’ll Earn

Every time you sell a product, you automatically earn a direct commission for that sale (your own purchase does not count.  This refers to new sales.) The company sends the check directly to you two weeks after your sale is shipped out. There are unlimited monthly earnings with no quotas. No tricks. No time limits. No earning limits.

You can also make residual income through the binary bonus payment system. As a distributor, you accrue what are called" bonus points" for each and every sale that you AND your entire down-line makes. The computer keeps track of these bonus points for you and stores them for you until they’re paid out. The points accrue in your business center until that center balances and pays. So you earn both by direct commissions for sales you make, and by collecting bonus points.

Be a part of the Biomat Health team! If you are interested in learning more about becoming a distributor, we would be happy to make an appointment by phone and lead you through a presentation on SKYPE or XOOM to show you how it works step by step. With the phone call you will receive a PDF on the full details of becoming a distributor and will have the opportunity to ask questions about the business. By becoming a distributor with Biomat Health you will receive professional support, including brochure templates, website templates, and sales tools.

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