What is an Alkal-Life?

The Alkal-Life 7000sL is an advanced water purifier and water ionizer that transforms regular water into optimized, high pH, ionized, clean drinking water with many health benefits.


What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water?


Alkal-Life 7000sL™ Features

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Automatic Self-Cleaning and drainage Functions

Automatic self-cleaning is performed at every 10 liters of water floe to maintain the electolysis function. Because self-cleaning isperformed while the machine is stopped,use of this system is convenirnt and the cleaning effect is excellent. When self-cleaning is completed, the drainage is automatically performed.

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Subdivision of 7pH Levels

The Alkal-Life 700sL Water lonizer splits the pH into 7 steps consisting of 4 alkaline linized water steps (pH 8.5, pH 9.5, pH 10.0, and pH 10.5), 2 Acidified lonized Water steps (pH 3.5 and pH 5.5) and purification. The selection range has been expanded for various uses depending on the purpose, as well as for persons such as first time drinkers, babies and seniors who have weaker digestive systems.

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Filter Usage and Replacement Display

The floe-detection sensor system circuit accurately detects the flow of water and filter life is continuously displayed on the LCD. Filter replacement period notification is done audibly, with the phone numbers of filter replacement service providers also displayed.

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One-touch Selection Method

Convenient touch-screen technology operation is represented as icons for one-touch selection of the desired ionized water on the control panel of the main body.

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Water Supply Adjustment Valve

With the ON/OFF Ceramic Valve installed on the front of the unit, a user can turn it on and off confortably. Users can also control source water pressure through this ON/OFF Ceramic Valve.

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Genuine Filter Recognition System

Upon installation, the filter recognition system will either approve the genuine alkal-Life 7000sL Water Ionizer filter, or display an error to inform the user of non-genuine part installation and water follow-up actions to take.

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Automatically adjusts for optimum pH levels

The quality of water supplied to each household may differ depending on the area and conditions. Although the water is consumed with selection at the same selected pH level, the pH concentration may increase or decrease. The Alkal-Life 7000sL Water Lonizer uses new and unique technology to produce highly-purified ionized water by automatically adjusting for optimum pH levels through self-diagnosis of changes in the water supply.

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More than-500mV of Maximum Reduction Power

The main part of this Electrolysis-Ionized Water System is in the electrolytic bath. Through the utilization of platinum-titanium material(a cutting-edeg material in the new and unique technology of the Alkal-Life 7000sLWater Ionizer) the cluster size of water is minimized. The Alkal-Life 7000sL Ionizer uses 5 electrodes rather than 4 and takes pride in 'more than -500mV of maximum reduction power.' Also,the water is separately supplied to both poles and electrolysis efficiency has been enhanced.

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Advanced Silver-Nano Filter

Silver has been added to the activated carbon, which is the core material of the filter,to enhance cleaning power for the suppression of bacterial growth. Cleaner, more purified ionized water is produced through the excellent 2-layers, 12-step excellent purification process.

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Installation of Main Body Single-type ON/OFF Ceramic Valve

The ON/OFF valve was integrated into the product itself, making it convemient to turn onand off. The most advanced ceramic material has been used and can be used almost indefinitely. Alo, the water pressure adjustment function provided added covenience.

Installing An Alkal-Life In Your Home:


The Alkal-Life can be installed either on the counter next to your sink (and attached to your faucet with an easy to install lever that switches water away from the faucet and into the machine) or it can be installed under the sink or up on the wall above the sink.  A plumber would be advised if you decide to put it anywhere besides on the counter next to the sink.  It is easy to set up without a plumber if you put it on the counter next to the sink and attach it to your faucet with the included parts.  It will come with a complete user manual with instructions.  

What Is The Mechanism Of Ionized Water Production?

The mechanism involves electrolysis of water through the use of electrode energy and ionic materials moving to different electrodes (anodes and cathodes) through the porous special-coal diaphragm. The electrolytes moving to anodes are anionic minerals such as calcium ions, sodium ions and magnesium ions, and the electrolytes moving to cathodes are cationic materials such as chlorine ion and sulfur ion. The water electrode side is called Acidified Ionized Water. The Electrolysis-Ionized Water System is a product approved as a medical device by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). It produces alkaline ionized water, which is beneficial to health, and acidified ionized water which can be used for household purposes and purifies by removing various contaminants.

Alkaline Water For An Ion-Balanced Body


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Fountain Of Youth

Aging is the result of damage to bodily tissues by organic acids and active oxygen (free radicals). You feel and look younger when you reduce the concentration of waste products that accumulate in your body. The outward signs of aging include wrinkles, sagging, and gray hair. Rejuvenate by drinking alkaline ionized water to wash out acidic wastes.

Say No To Fatigue!

Naturally boost your energy with superior hydration. We all know thirst is a signal that we need more fluid and for those who ignore that signal, it can be lead to loss of appetite, impaired physical performance, increased effort to physical work, nausea and difficulty concentrating. Superior hydration helps boost mental and physical performance. Remember, water is essential to your body and your brain. All body systems function better when you’re properly hydrated and that includes digestion and metabolism.

Reduce Waste And Heal The Planet!

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, more than 20 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean every year. In addition to the 17 million barrels of oil used in production, bottled water consumes gallons and gallons of water. Let’s do our part by saying no to plastic water bottles and filling our own non-plastic containers with alkaline ionized water.

Maintaining Your Alkal-Life

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100% No-Obligation FREE Trial.

Legal Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product does not cure cancer. It does not intend to provide diagnosis or treatment and only claims the statements in the medical device listing of intended use approved by the FDA. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. The information and personal testimonies about this product do not reflect any medical claims.

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