Home Uses

Home Uses of the Biomat

The Biomat adds a luxurious component to your bed. These models are larger and stationary (they don’t tuck away in a bag like the Mini and BMP) and come in Single, Queen, and King sizes. If you will be sleeping on the Biomat, the Quantum Energy Pad is a great add on to add some cushy comfort.
biomat homes uses

Benefits of Far Infrared and Negative Ions

The Biomat for home use comes in Single, Queen, and King sizes.

All home size Biomats come with a 100% cotton cover and controller.
The main advantage of a home sized Biomat is that it’s considerably larger than the mini and professional models and it covers the entire surface of your bed. The functionality of all the various sized Bio mats are exactly the same.
Biomat Amethyst Bed

Helpful Hints

*** In some cases, insurance companies may cover the Biomat. If you have a diagnosed condition related to chronic pain or circulation issues, call us to discuss your options.
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