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The Biomat Book: Far Infrared and Vibrational Medicine

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Table Of Contents

  • About Dr. Sircus
  • Contact
  • Love, Light and Life
  • Human Photosynthesis
  • Electron Medicine
  • The Secrets of Light
  • The Secrets of Penetrating Mitochondria with Light
  • Mitochondrial Medicine
  • Cellular Batteries
  • BioMat Far Infrared Medicine
  • General BioMat Cautions
  • Dangerous Vs. Safe Breast Cancer Diagnosis Methods
  • Introduction to Core Body Temperature and Disease
  • Using Light and Heat to Treat Cancer
  • Far-Infrared Thermotherapy Heat Treatments
  • Healing Power of Infrared Light and Heat
  • Sweating ones way to Health
  • Far Infrared Sauna Options
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  • Avoiding Serious Complications from Viral Infections
  • Natural Allopathic Sleeping Protocol
  • Secret Cause of Cancer – Loss of Heart Coherence
  • You are a Rainbow - Seven Levels of Intelligence
  • The Sun – Vitamin D – Diabetes
  • Red Level of Awareness – Physical Consciousness
  • Orange Level of Awareness - Social Awareness
  • Group Consciousness
  • Yellow Level – Intellectual Awareness
  • A Touch of Green
  • Green Level of Awareness – Security Consciousness
  • Blue Level of Awareness – Concepts, Ideas, Memory
  • Indigo Intuitive Level of Consciousness
  • Violet Level of Awareness – Imagination
  • Color Purple Boosts Sex and Imagination
  • Treating Autism With Light
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