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An Honest Review of the Amethyst Biomat

Biomat Review

An Honest Review of the Amethyst Biomat

So you've come across the Amethyst Biomat and are intrigued, and you're considering owning one - but first, you have some questions, right?  Would you like to read an honest biomat review of what it is, how it works, if it works, and what to look out for so you make a wise investment?  What benefits you would receive having one in your life?  Or maybe even integrated into your healing practice?  

My name is Jennifer and I was in your shoes about 18 years ago.  I heard some big claims about what the Biomat did, and I wasn't sure what to believe.  I shrugged it off not really understanding what it did and what the benefits were, and I thought no more of it once I saw the price tag.  But then one day I got the chance to get on one.  It was serendipitous and it changed my life.  I was at a business training conference and they were working us hard with 12 hour days of intense learning.  At the end of it, I was sleep deprived and exhausted.  I ran into a woman in the conference that sold Amethyst Biomats, and I was delighted!  "I've heard of those," I told her, "but I've never been on one."  She was smart, and she brought me one the Biomats to try in the lobby of the hotel.  After only about 15 minutes of lying on it, I felt radical things in my body.

I noticed that my body was no longer hurting from the long hours of sitting, and my nervous system felt like it got coated with a balm of deep relaxation which I found pleasantly baffling. I felt a surge of energy, and I even had the sudden urge to go out dancing!  I got her contact, and parted ways with the Biomat.  But then that night, it came to me in my dreams.  I got a clear message that I was supposed to keep working with the Biomat, and the next week I bought my first Biomat Professional and Pillow set, and began using it in my day to day.  I started asking my massage therapists to give me a massage on my Biomat because I felt a major difference between having it and not for my healing sessions. I even started noticing more subtle things, like my physic abilities sharpening.  I later found out that this is a known benefit of lying on amethyst crystals, and while I am not suggesting you are also going to suddenly become Sylvia Browne, it does point to the magic of what unfolds in the body when you are using a Biomat regularly.

Apart from magic, I found out from my research that the Biomat was a registered FDA approved class 2 medical device utilizing well known and recognized healing technologies such as far infrared rays and negative ions that were being projected through a bed of amethyst crystals.   It is no easy thing to have approval from the FDA for an apparent woo-woo crystal healing bed.  Rigorous science shined through and the Biomat was approved by the FDA for the following:  temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis; the temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain; the relaxation of muscles; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.  It is commonly used for problems associated with stress, pain, inflammation, circulation issues, trouble sleeping, auto immune disorders, arthritis, etc.  It does so much more than that too.

As a holistic health practitioner and sound healer,  I initially began working with the Biomat for myself - and my cat.  I would have the Biomat on and get up and do something, and come back to find my cat purring on the Biomat, sprawled out like she was in a state of bliss.  Anytime I put on the Biomat, she would show up in about 1 minute.  It's like she was waiting for me to put it on.  That got my attention because I know that cats are very tuned in with the unseen and she in particular was a healer and was always assisting me as I was seeing clients in my wellness center.  I then moved on to sharing the Biomat with my clients and I got amazing feedback from every single person.  Once I felt the benefits in myself and saw that it was helping others, the money became a non issue.  It wasn't about the money -  it was about making a difference in people's health and this product proved itself over and over.  I have never been one to believe in a gadget and I have always encouraged people to get in touch with their own innate healing abilities to change and transform their life.  But the Amethyst Biomat just worked, and it was obvious, and radical, and I quickly became a believer.

Almost twenty years later, I continue to connect people to the Biomat and be educated about it before making a purchase.  My purpose was never to create a business, but before long I naturally grew my business to sell the Biomats full time with a team.  So be aware in this review, I sell them, but this article isn't a sales conversation. I have no interest in swindling you, or swaying you with biased information to make a sale.  I write this review only because I want to be of service to those who want to learn more and consider the information I have prepared for you.  Luckily my job is easy because there are countless scientific journals and medical reviews and studies to back up the claims of this powerful healing device.  So we are going to discuss who this product is for, its benefits,  knock-offs to look out for, and how you can connect with us if you decide you want to try one out for yourself.

An Authentic Biomat vs. a Knock Off

One of the first things to be aware of is that I am reviewing is the original Richway Biomat.  This Korean company has been around almost 30 years and invented the Biomat. They started off with owning an amethyst mine in Korea.  When they discovered that people were getting huge benefits by spending time in their amethyst mine, they decided to optimize the experience and create a healing device that people could enjoy in the comfort of their home.  They have been around the longest, and they have proved over and over to be the superior choice if you are considering a far infrared amethyst crystal mat to own (and they are the only ones that use gem quality amethyst crystals that come with a certificate of authenticity from their own mine.)  They are also the only ones that have gotten the stamp of approval from the FDA with their FDA 510K Class 2 medical device registration.  This means they have undergone intense verification for safety and efficacy of the Biomat.   Other newer knockoff companies have popped up claiming the same benefits as the Amethyst Biomat but lack these certifications and studies, and perhaps even count on an uniformed consumer not asking the right questions and choosing a cheaper device.  Many use lower quality components and materials as well, and shortcut around critical details for your health like EMF blocking.  Its important to understand exactly what cheaper knockoffs are doing differently, and for more complete information of the comparison, please visit the "Fake Biomats" page on our website.  If you want to be rest assured that you are getting the highest quality far infrared mat with the best warranty and care program, I would highly recommend sticking with the originators of this amazing device.   Richway Amethyst Biomats are the leaders in the industry.  


Biomat Review from owner


The Legitimacy of the Richway Brand

Biomat on display for review

The Richway Amethyst Biomat not only holds an FDA 510(k) Medical Device Approval with validation of FDA registration by Registrar Corp, but also has certification standards that outshine any other infrared mat available in the market. Richway and Fuji Bio prioritize your well-being and safety, which is evident through the Biomat's numerous certifications and third party tests.   

Notably, the Better Business Bureau has recorded zero customer complaints over the past three years, a testament to the Biomat's quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it has received accolades from esteemed institutions such as the United Nations and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.  Olympic athletes, movie stars, health gurus, and even the Pope have been spotted on the Richway Amethyst Biomat!  


Why do you feel so good when you lie on an Amethyst Biomat?

First off, the Biomat is emitting a high concentration of Negative Ions.  The body evolved being integrated and in connection with the Earth and used to be exposed to lots of natural negative ions which are so critical for the health and wellbeing of life.  Unfortunately nowadays we are bombarded with harmful positive ions.  One way to counteract that is first of all, go into nature! Go to a waterfall or a crashing seashore.  You know that feels good.   But if you want a little extra help, count on the Biomat.  Third party testing verifies that the Biomat emits more than 3400 negative ions per cubic centimeter, which is grounding and neutralizing the harmful effects of positive ions.  That is huge!  Competitor far infrared mats do not score this high, and most people wouldn't know the difference to ask.  3400 negative ions per cubic centimeter is the equivalent of being deep in the forest as opposed to being in a more unnatural and commonplace surrounding such as a stuffy office building or car which reads at 50-100 negative ions per cubic centimeter.    Want to geek out on the importance of negative ions more? Check out this study by Nobel prize winning German cell physiologists Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann explaining the importance of negative ions in facilitating ion channel communication in the body.  In an nutshell, negative ions are soothing to the nervous system and help us to deeply relax and recharge due to the way that negative ions amplify a calming parasympathetic response in the body.   

When you combine high levels of Negative Ions with Far Infrared Light technology, you get a very unique healing function in the Biomat.  Far infrared light is stimulating to the body's circulatory and lymphatic systems and facilitates detoxification of harmful toxins, and when combined with negative ions, the potential for detoxification increases due to the way that negative ions open the cell channels and allow for an even deeper amount of detoxification to be released and escorted out of the body with the help of far infrared rays.  This is what makes a Biomat superior to a regular far infrared sauna and a phenomenal tool for your daily health regimen.

All of that increased circulation from the far infrared rays in the Biomat will also boost the oxygenation of the cells and help to distribute more red and white blood cells to the tissues and counteract the clumping of red blood cells.  This was a revolutionary design by Richway to combine these two powerful healing technologies with the healing potential of Amethyst Crystal.

Why are crystals important in a Biomat?

Far infrared rays on their own will typically penetrate only about 2-3 inches into the body, as happens in typical far infrared saunas.  But in the Amethyst Biomat, the far infrared rays are being projected THROUGH crystals which extends the far infrared rays to 6-8 inches into the body.  This allows for all of the major organ systems, tissues, cells, everything within the body to be held in a field of healing light.  In addition to the function of the crystals to project far infrared rays, they also provide numerous healing benefits.  These are not as science oriented as they are sourced from traditional knowledge, but it is believed that amethyst crystals balance and stabilize energies, increase physic abilities, calm the nervous system, help with sleep, and assist in detoxification from alcohol to name a few.  Far Infrared Rays refracted through amethyst crystals organize the light into geometrical patterns with higher bio-compatibility. Korean researchers propose that the addition of amethyst in the Biomat increases the body's ability to utilize the beneficial far infrared light. Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals both emit far infrared rays and negative ions naturally, before you even turn on the Biomat.  So when you do turn on a Biomat, it amplifies the levels of far infrared rays and negative ions to create a very therapeutic dose to assist in radical self healing.  Tourmaline is believed to exert a cleansing and liberating energy upon our entire nervous system. Tourmaline forms slender 3, 6, or 9 sided prismatic crystals (hexagonal system) in parallel or radiation groups, which causes it to develop an electrical charge when heated.  In the Mini Biomat and Pillow you will find amethyst and tourmaline, but the larger Biomats contain exclusively amethyst crystals.  Both amethyst and tourmaline crystals are interchangeable in their therapeutic benefit.  

What kind of research is available to read about this technology?

We have compiled many useful articles that are either about studies done with the Biomat, or with the technology that the Biomat uses (far infrared light therapy and negative ions.)  Check out the research page on the website for lots of relevant and useful information.

Need advice around choosing a size? 

Which size you get really depends on what you want to do with it, and how much you want to spend!  If you want to target only a specific area of the body such as the lower back or abdomen, go with a Biobelt.  It's $600 and its small but perfect for specific applications and travel, and what is special about it is that it is the only size that has 8 gemstones instead of 1 or 2.   The downside is that for the price tag, you only get a section that covers of 18.11″ x 8.26″  whereas if you consider the next size up with the Mini Biomat, you can get 17" x 33" for only $780.   Minis are awesome for office chairs, car seats (will help immensely on long road trips), or for kids, pets, or for people who just want the Biomat on their back for example.  If you are on a budget, the Mini is a good choice.  But if you want to receive the most ideal setup for therapeutic applications, you'll want to consider the most popular size, the Biomat Professional.  It fits a massage table perfectly but also works great positioned in your bed or sofa or floor.  It measures 27.56″  x 74″  and is recommended especially for people that are using the Biomat for more serious health conditions as you will get the most therapeutic benefit by having the entire body on the Biomat.  The Biobelt, Mini Biomat, and Biomat Professional are all easy to travel with.  The Mini and Biomat Professional will even come with hard case suitcases.  If you want to transform the surface of your bed with a Biomat,  look into the Single ($2950), Queen ($3500), and King ($4650) sizes.

Who is the Ideal candidate for an Amethyst Biomat?

People come to the Biomat for all different sorts of reasons.  The most obvious reasons are pain relief, stress relief, muscular support from exercising and training, detoxing, arthritis, sleep issues, hyperthermia treatments, autoimmune conditions, and overall self care.  Some people just love the idea of sleeping on a bed of crystals, and I don't blame them, it is a game changer to sleep on a Biomat.  Veterans in particular greatly benefit from what the Biomat offers due to its calming affect on the nervous system (and we offer a $100 discount to veterans and first responders.)

Biomat being used with massage

But probably the most popular category of customers we work with are health professionals and those in the medical field because it is an obvious choice for one's practice (and they get a $100 discount too.)  The Biomat Professional fits perfectly on a massage table and can be used in combination with massages, acupuncture sessions, spa treatments, reiki, sound healing, chiropractor adjustments, physical therapy, and whatever else you can imagine that would benefit from preparing the body of a client on a soothing warm bed of crystals that induces relaxation and openness before a treatment.

Who Shouldn't Use the Biomat

Even though the Biomat offers so many wonderful benefits, there are certain situations that require precaution, as well as there are certain conditions in which the Biomat would be contraindicated for use.

  • Elderly and young children should be supervised, and it would be advisable to keep the temperature settings on the lower two settings.  They aren't as good at noticing when the skin is overheating, or being sure to drink water to stay hydrated.
  • Pregnant women should use caution when using the BioMat, especially during the first trimester. The heat generated by the Biomat may affect fetal development, so it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider and err on the side of caution by using the Biomat only on the lower settings. 
  • People with conditions like diabetic neuropathy or other sensory impairments may not feel the heat or may not be able to detect discomfort or burns, making them more susceptible to injury.
  • The warming effects of the BioMat can potentially exacerbate bleeding disorders, so it's essential for individuals with such conditions to consult with a doctor before use. 
  • Individuals that are prone to seizures should consult their doctor before using the Biomat, as the heat may impact these conditions.
  • Individuals with implanted medical devices like pacemakers should consult with their doctor as the electromagnetic fields generated by the BioMat may interfere with these devices.  Generally internal pacemakers are ok, but external pacemakers should be avoided.  
  • Individuals with Lupus usually feel worse after being on the Biomat and should avoid use.
  • Individuals with organ transplants should avoid the Biomat because the Biomat can stimulate the immune system and that can actually interfere with immunosuppressant medications.
  • Multiple sclerosis patients are sensitive to heat and would not benefit from the Biomat on any heat setting.  There is a setting on the Biomat that is just negative ions which is cooling and would be ok.
  • Breast implants are generally advised by the manufacturer's guidelines to be safe because the guideline around that is that a Biomat only increases your body temperature by 1 or 2 degrees and that is equivalent to a mild fever and is safe for implants, but lying breast down for extended periods of time on the Biomat could cause degradation.  It is advisable for women with implants to lie on their back while using the Biomat.

How To Try The BioMat For Yourself

If you're interested in purchasing the Biomat or any of our other products but want to try it out before making a commitment, we offer a risk-free 14-day trial from the date of delivery.  That is unusual for medical devices.  You can't usually return them.  But we want to make sure you love it.  Its hard to imagine what the Biomat can do, but once you get a chance to try it out for a week, you will definitely know if it is providing value for you or not.  You will probably start noticing changes within your first 30 minutes on the Biomat.  If for any reason you aren't completely thrilled, you can give us a call within 7 days of delivery and we can set up a return for you.  

Here are a few reasons to consider a risk-free trial:

  • Test effectiveness for your pain: Try the Amethyst Biomat for 7 days to assess its effectiveness in helping you relieve your pain condition.  You'll likely notice a difference within just an hour of use.  If it helps you, its worth giving a try.  If it doesn't, send it back.  
  • Evaluate Comfort: Some may wonder what it feels like to lie on a bed of crystals like the Amethyst Biomat. A trial allows you to gauge your comfort level and decide if it's something you'd like to use regularly. Many customers are pleasantly surprised by its comfort, and can even sleep on it comfortably.  For those needing more comfort, we recommend the Quantum Energy Pad which adds a special cushion layer that simultaneously adds softness and boosts the far infrared and negative ions.  
  • Examine the Quality:  We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality materials and build of these products, but give yourself a chance to see it yourself and decide if you like it or not.

To initiate a trial, simply place an order as you would for a regular purchase. There is free shipping on all deliveries in the US and Canada. You'll automatically receive a trial period with your order, and it will be up to you to notice when you sign for it with UPS.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, return the unit in its original condition, and we'll process a full refund (excluding shipping).

Returns are exceptionally rare because we offer a high-quality product with noticeable benefits. Once you experience it, you'll likely want to keep it. However, we understand that it's a significant investment in your health, so we want you to fully experience it before making a commitment.

Rest assured that when you purchase from Biomat Health, you'll always receive a new product. We never ship out used units unless you buy discounted demo units.  

What do other people say about it?

We love it when people share their stories with us about how the Biomat changed their life, or made a dramatic change in their health.

"I have been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for over 3 years, after being involved in an accident with a semi. I went through 10 months of physical therapy, 3 MRI's, 4 EMG tests, 36 spinal injections, a trip to the emergency, and countless prescriptions for pain and nothing seemed to be working. I was becoming desperate and depressed until I was introduced to the Biomat. After only 2 months of using the Biomat I can now say that I am pain free. It is the only thing that has helped me not only with my pain, but with my attitude as well. I love my Biomat."
– Rene McFadden

If you'd like to read some of the testimonials we have collected from people sharing their stories through the years, please check out our testimonials page.  

Where Does the Biomat Ship From?

Richway & Fuji Bio Inc : Most of the orders within the United States are processed through Honulu, Hawaii in the Richway USA office.This is the head office for North America. Any repairs from North America are processed here as well. Orders going to North America, Africa, and South America are shipped from the warehouse called Arkman Logistics in Illinois, USA.  The warehouse is not open to the public but it is possible to pick up products in the Hawaii office.

Europe:  Richway has a distribution center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It is only a warehouse and not open to the public.

Australia:  Richway has a warehouse in Brisbane, Australia, which ships the most popular products like the Professional and Mini Biomat. It is only a warehouse and not open to the public.

Shaoxing Richway Trading Co., Ltd, China:  Orders to destinations in China are shipped from the Chinese office.

Richway & Life Japan Corporation:  Orders for Japan are processed and shipped from the Japanese office.

Who is BioMatHealth.com?

BiomatHealth.com was among the first of online sources for helping to purchase a Biomat. Nowadays you find many places to purchase a Biomat online, but we have been in business for over 18 years and are highly experienced with these products and the business for those wanting to become a distributor and receive our training.  We have helped  individuals, spas, gyms, clinics, hospitals, and small business health practitioners integrate these medical devices into their life and practice.  We created BiomatHealth.com when we saw the potential for creating lasting change with these products.  Our aim for the company is to stand out as the ultimate online destination worldwide for information, ethics, support, and customer satisfaction regarding the Amethyst Biomat and other cutting-edge Richway offerings like the BioAcoustic Mat, Biobelt, Quantum Energy Pad, and accessories.  

I didn't get into this business as a marketer just looking for financial opportunity to sell something.  I wasn't interested in saying whatever I had to say to close a sale.  I'm a healer.  I have always genuinely listened to my customers (having been trained in health counseling) and with an open heart have been available to be of service to my customers and share love, positivity,  joy, and hope.  I know that when the Biomat is in the right hands, it has the potential to make huge positive shifts in the health and wellbeing of those who are lucky enough to experience all that it can do.

Some other distributors claim to be the "original Biomat" and people confuse that with them being the manufacturer.  They are just another distributor with confusing marketing tactics.  Richway and Fuji Bio Inc. is the manufacturer.  Some people ask if they can just buy direct from Richway.  You could try, but I wouldn't recommend it.  You won't pay anything extra by choosing to purchase from BiomatHealth.com, and it will definitely be a more enjoyable customer service experience to let us help you.  Richway is adamant about you working with a distributor since their office is focused more on the backend of shipping, billing, warranty, etc.

Customer Service is Important!

We care about being of service to you and we want you to feel like your experience choosing and buying a Biomat is easy, smooth, and fun.  Our dedicated team is here to guide you, answer your questions, point you to resources, and provide expert advice so that your needs are addressed and you are a happy customer!  In addition, if you decide you love these products and want to become a distributor, we will be able to help you get a powerful start in your business so you can go on sharing the benefits of these products with others.  

We Hope This Biomat Review Helped

We hope our comprehensive review empowers you with the knowledge and insights you need to determine if the Biomat is the perfect fit for your wellness journey.

If there is something you'd like to know that I didn't cover, leave me a comment and I will keep updating this article for you.  

If you have any questions about our products and would like more information, please feel free to contact us via our form.

For more immediate assistance, we are available via phone, email, and live chat as well.

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