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Blood circulation and workout recovery with the Biomat

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Blood circulation and workout recovery with the Biomat

Adequate blood circulation is a health concern overlooked by many. Poor blood circulation means that oxygen-rich blood and nutrients are not able to effectively reach all parts of the body. Promoting healthy blood circulation can also aide in muscle pain relief and recovery after an intense workout of the muscles. The body’s circulatory system transmits blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. Symptoms of poor blood circulation result from reduced blood flow to specific parts of the body. Typically, poor circulation is prevalent in the arms and legs and has also been associated with muscle tension and pain. Another sign of poor blood circulation is a cold feeling or tingling sensation in the limbs.

Living a sedentary life is one cause of poor blood circulation. When the body’s circulatory system blood circulation and workout recovery is not maintained properly, blood flow can be reduced. Cardio intensive exercise can help to promote healthy blood circulation. Cardio intensive exercise dilates the blood vessels which allows oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to circulate throughout the entire body. While cardio is vital to a healthy lifestyle, we do not always have the time to get those much-needed minutes into our day.

A Biomat ® can help to promote blood circulation through the generation of far infrared heat. Far infrared heat increases circulation where applied. Use a Biomat Mini on your computer chair while working at the office to promote blood circulation in the legs, or use a full sized Biomat, such as the Biomat Professional, when you get home from work. Using a full sized Biomat at home with the far infrared rays activated can support blood circulation throughout most of the body while you relax. All you need to do is lay on it to feel the results!

When performing strength training exercises such as weight lifting, lactic acid builds up within exerted muscles because of a process called anaerobic respiration. The buildup of lactic acid is what causes the muscle pain which occurs after exercising.

Far infrared heat applied to sore muscles allows the blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow. This increase in blood flow allows excess lactic acid and other toxins to be transported away from fatigued muscles. Heat also stimulates nerve endings, effectively reducing pain associated with muscle fatigue and tension.

The Biomat’s key function is the production of far infrared heat. What makes far infrared heat especially beneficial for muscle pain relief and recovery is that it can deeply penetrate the muscle tissue, allowing for effective pain and muscle tension relief.

While sports creams (also known as analgesic rubs) are often marketed towards those with sports injuries and muscle pain, they do not offer the same beneficial effect that far infrared heat does. A 2009 article by the New York Times explored the efficacy of sports creams to aid in recovery.

Dr. Robert Sallis, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine, was quoted saying, “Do topical analgesics help heal the injury or get an athlete back to activity any quicker? The answer is no. But can they help people feel better because there is a placebo effect? Sure, but there’s no evidence to support that topical analgesics actually work.”

Many sports creams react with the skin to create a warming or burning sensation, but the creams themselves have no physiologic effect on the body to assist in recovery. They do not increase blood circulation where applied. The main function of these creams is to create a sensation to effectively distract the mind from the pain. Sports creams need to be applied frequently to maintain their effect, and the ingredients in these creams are vast and may be irritating or toxic to the skin.

The Biomat’s deeply penetrating far-infrared heat has a physiological effect on the body. The far infrared heat allows oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to reach the sports injury and promote muscle recovery and pain relief. In addition, the Biomat’s soothing far infrared rays relax the muscles and help to calm the mind, alleviating stress. The combination of pain relief, muscle relaxation, and stress relief provide a gateway for the body to enter a deep state of relaxation


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