98.6° F – Nature’s Standard to Health and Wellness

Biomat Naturopath Interview

98.6° F – Nature’s Standard to Health and Wellness

Interview with author and naturopath Uwe Karstädt about why he wrote his new book 98.6° F and his experience with the Biomat.

Uwe Karstädt is a naturopath based in Munich, Germany. Since 1986, he has been treating and advising clients at his clinic. For the last four years, he has also been teaching alternative medicine at academies in his hometown and in Switzerland. In addition to specializing in naturopathy, Karstädt is an accomplished writer. Millions in Germany have benefited from his profound knowledge of health and gained a better understanding of how to improve their quality of life in all aspects.

Now on his seventh book, Karstädt teaches us why maintaining a good body temperature is important for ideal health and the foundation for a strong immune system. “After 30 years of practice I came to certain conclusions about the basic cornerstones of health and vitality. One of them is certainly to obtain the optimum body temperature for an optimum metabolism,” said Karstädt. Upon treating thousands of patients at his clinic, Karstädt grew concerned as he noticed many people did not have optimal body temperature and wondered “why so many people have lost this essential quality for health and well-being.”

Karstädt began to explore the subject by studying the research of contemporary doctors and scientists as well as tapping into Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. The end result of this extensive research is his latest book entitled 98.6° F, in which he convinces the reader that this is the ideal temperature for vitality and a sign of good health.

He goes on to state, “as humans, [we function optimally] when all the enzymes and the immune system are supported by optimum working temperature. A few degrees too high can be considered as fever and could also be an emergency situation. The same is true for low temperature.” Karstädt has been using the Biomat for the last six years. Over a thousand of his clients have used the Biomat and many have purchased one. On a daily basis, he continues to hear stories of relief and genuine healing. “[The] feedback I receive can only be described as very encouraging and sometimes breathtaking. Most clients [say it is] the best investment in their health that they have ever done,” explained Karstädt.

Aside from relief from muscle tension, pain, and cold, Karstädt has observed his clients experiencing the strong support offered by the Biomat in combination with all of the other methods he incorporates. “Colleagues report about how much easier it is to apply their body work with the help of the Biomat, whether this is massage, deep tissue work or any other body work for pain and relaxation,” said Karstädt. As a part of their treatment, Karstädt has been recommending his clients use the Biomat Professional and Biomat Mini for many years. He says that with the Biomat, results come faster because “negative ions and the infrared rays do their miraculous work, [and] the Biomat reminds people to relax daily and take their life in their own hands and focus on their health.”

98.6 ideal body temp book

Naturopath and bestselling author Uwe Karstädt says,“a cold body is a sick body.” He has discovered that 70percent of his patients who suffer from chronic illness also have low body temperatures in the range of 94.1° F - 96.8° F.

In his latest book 98.6° F, he explains the causes of “body coldness” and the importance of proper bodytemperature. Karstädt provides simple methods anyone can do to warm the body and bring one’s self back into a healthy state.

In the final chapter, Karstädt discusses the healingpower of infrared radiation and how infrared mats such as the Biomat can aid in sustaining optimal health.

98.6° F ebook can be ordered here.

98.6° F printed book can be ordered here.

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