Prevention is Key with the Amethyst Biomat

Prevention is Key with the Amethyst Biomat

“I can’t thank you enough for all the information you provided. Your customer service before and after my purchases has been exceptional.
I invested in a Biomat Professional and later the BioAcoustic mat. Prevention is key when it comes to overall health. I truly believe that over the past 2yrs of usage, the combination of these two mats has played a key role in keeping my family’s immune systems strong. My husband and 2 young children all love taking turns on the mat. When friends, or family, visit they are always encouraging others to experience our mats too. Thank you again for your unbelievable customer service and knowledge of these amazing products!
Highly recommend to everyone!

Public Health Professional

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The Bioacoustic mat is not currently available.  It will be back in stock December 2022.  Please check back later or send a message asking to be notified when it is in stock.   

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