Are you wondering what size is right for your needs? Considering a mini versus a professional size Biomat? An Orgone Biomat versus the Bed size Biomats?
Here is a break down of the comparisons between different models.

Mini Biomat vs Professional Biomat

The Mini Biomat is recommended for chairs, car seats, animals, children, or people who only need the far infrared therapy on a specialized part of their body. It’s great for long car rides, waiting rooms, pets recovering from surgery, travel, office chair, or draped over the chest while lying on the Professional size Biomat (for hyperthermia treatments.) If you want to do sauna sessions, it is recommended to bump up to the Professional Biomat size, as it covers the entire length of the body, while the Mini would likely just cover your torso if you were lying down. The Professional size Biomat is exactly the size of a massage table. This is better for whole-body treatments and sauna sessions. You can put a Biomat Professional on a massage table, the floor, or even in your bed. Both the Mini Biomat and Professional Biomat have a digital controller with a timer which allow you to adjust the temperature settings. The temperature range in the two controllers are exactly the same. The Professional Biomat is the most popular size due it’s more extensive therapeutic application, and the ability to move it easily, as it comes with a rolling protective, hard case suitcase. The Mini Biomat comes with a hand held protective suitcase.

Mini Biomat

Professional Biomat

Mini Biomat Case

Professional Biomat Case

Mini Controller

Professional Biomat Controller

Bed size Biomat vs Orgone Biomat

A bed size Biomat is a special pad that you put over your existing mattress. It has actual crystals running in tubes along the top surface. It is firm, which is why many opt to put a quantum energy pad on top to add a soft layer of cushiness for sleeping. It comes in Single, Queen, and King sizes. The Orgone Biomat also rests on top of your bed and is designed as luxurious topper that emits healing crystal energy via a special amethyst fabric instead of chunks of crystal, which makes it lighter. It also contains a memory foam made from clay.

The Orgone Biomat is a cross between a Biomat and Quantum Energy Pad. That said, some people like to put a Quantum Energy Pad on top of the Orgone Biomat for even more comfort. Both emit similar amounts of far infrared and negative ions. Both have the same warranty. The Orgone Biomat is a good choice if you are wanting a sleep-focused use of the Biomat, as it is lighter and less expensive. If you prefer to have chunks of amethyst in your bed, and a more substantial Biomat, than you might want to go with the bed size Biomat and consider getting a quantum energy pad to put on top for comfort.

Orgone Biomat

Bed size Biomat