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Hello. My name is Jennifer and I am a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor and Herbalist. As a health expert, I’m always interested in learning about new healing tools, while maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism. I know there are alot of products out there that make big promises and leave people disappointed with the results. But when I found the Biomat, my life truly changed. I can honestly share that it works, and I believe that everyone would benefit from having one.
I have a daily routine now. Every night I put on the Biomat and do a high gold treatment while I wind down, read a book, watch a movie, etc. Once I’m ready to go to sleep, I put on the timer and reduce the setting to low green. I sleep all night with it on, and wake up feeling deeply rested, relaxed, and balanced.
In the instances of my life when I’ve been in pain, I have benefited greatly from my Bio mat. Sometimes I’ve experienced intense pain disappearing within 30 minutes on the high gold setting. At the beginning signs of a cold, I’ve experienced feeling chills and weakness, and after two hours on my Biomat, I felt the warmth penetrate my body deeply and helped support my immune system. I love my echinacea tincture, but I find I don’t even use it and many other supplements anymore because the Biomat just works more consistently.
I also prefer that all my massages now happen on a Biomat, because the depth of relaxation and healing I experience from the combination of bodywork and the Biomat is cosmic. The far infrared heat opens my muscles to receive the healing touch of my practitioner, and as wonderful as a massage feels without the Biomat, it definitely feels better with one.
I also notice that the Biomat enhances my energy. The first time I laid on a Biomat, I had been in an intensive 4 day seminar. Lots of pushing, lots of waking up early and going to bed late, and lots of creative and mental energy expended. The last night ended at 11:30 pm, and I was completely exhausted. My friend invited me to come lie down on the Biomat. After only 15 minutes, I stood up and felt like a “recharge” button had been pushed in my body. I felt deeply relaxed, peaceful, and surprisingly energized at the same time. “What is this??, ” I asked. I was amazed. I kept dreaming about it, and finally decided I just needed it.
Seven years later, I still can’t stop talking about it. I hope you, too, get a chance to experience the powerful healing of the Biomat. I am happy to answer any of your questions about the Biomat, and to provide honest and caring support if you are considering one of your own!
Wishing you health,
Legal Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product does not cure cancer. It does not intend to provide diagnosis or treatment and only claims the statements in the medical device listing of intended use approved by the FDA. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. The information and personal testimonies about this product do not reflect any medical claims.

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