Distributor Kit

Distributor Kit

Distributor Kit

Distributor Kit


  • Lifetime membership allows you to sell Biomats and other Richway products and receive commissions and bonuses.  You are not required to spend any amount or reach a specific sales goal in order to maintain membership.  It sets you up to be compensated for sales and build teams.
  • If you would like to become a distributor, you will need to purchase a distributor kit, which serves as a lifetime membership.
  • You are not required to purchase product in order to become a distributor and receive commissions, but you will need to in order to qualify for bonuses.
  • No extra fees are required to maintain membership.
  • Receive commission from your direct sales.
  • Receive multiple bonuses and benefits beyond commission.
  • Work at your own pace – without pressure of any kind.
  • No need to stock inventory – simply submit the order
  • Option to subscribe to a service and have a website to share with your clients.


When you sign up,  you will receive a 20% Sales Commission along with a 20% Product Certificate for the initial 45 days.


Introducing people to the Biomat and other products and spreading the wonderful benefits of these products is easy – most of it is demo-ing the products. It is so easy to experience the dramatic changes it has on the body. Allow people to develop their own connection to the products and let the product sell itself. If you have a practice or business where people can regularly experience the Biomat, becoming a distributor will be a way for you to help expose the benefits of these products, and be rewarded with a passive income at the same time. The best way to let others experience the products is by creating a safe, healing environment and playing relaxing music during their Biomat session. The Biomat is a very powerful detoxifier, so it is best approach is to offer a demo for 15 – 30 minutes. In addition, if you have colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family who you also believe would benefit from the use of the Biomat and/or other products, there is an excellent pay structure available that supports teamwork and collaboration.

1. First, become a lifetime member for $80 Add the richway biomat distributor kit to your shopping cart and checkout on Biomathealth.com. Once you buy the kit, you are instantly a distributor. Once you are in the system as a distributor, no other fees are required. Submitting sales will keep your account active, but if you haven’t made any sales, you simply have to activate yearly.You can order your membership with your order of a product, or you can do it first and decide to order a product later. You do not need to own a product to become a member. When you’re ready to learn how the business works, one of our representatives will give you a call and walk you through everything step by step. At Biomat Health, we are committed to supporting you in your distributorship.

2. Second, purchase $500 or more worth of product. While it is not required to have purchased product to become a distributor, you will need to purchase product in order to qualify for binary bonus checks. For every $500 spent in your name, you will receive business centers which will generate bonus checks for a lifetime with no limits. While it is not required to purchase product to start selling these products, having products will make it much easier to sell them. With products you can demo and introduce them your personal and professional network.When people try the products first hand, they are impressed and more likely to buy. The best way to get set up for future earnings is to have three business centers, which you can acquire by spending $1500 in your name. Most people start off with a Biomat Professional and Pillow or a Biomat and Alkal-Life.Decide on what the focus of your sales will be and make that your first purchase. Consider this setting up your “storefront”. A personal purchase of $1500 will become the balanced foundation that your binary network is built upon. You must own at least three business centers ($1500 spent in your name) to qualify to receive binary bonus checks.


INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL FOR NEW DISTRIBUTORS:  On your first four sales to other people (not yourself), you will receive a 20% Sales Commission along with a 20% Product Certificate. As an added incentive, you will receive a $400 Gift Certificate to put towards the Alkal-Life 7000sL after your first sale.


1. Commission of Sales

Every time you sell a product, you automatically earn a direct commission for that sale. The company sends the check directly to you two weeks after your sale is shipped out. There are unlimited monthly earnings with no quotas or earning limits.

2. Points from your sales accumulate and pay out bonuses of $400, $800, and $1200.

You can also make residual income through the binary bonus payment system. As a distributor, you accrue what are called “bonus points” for each and every sale that you AND your entire down-line makes. The computer keeps track of these bonus points for you and stores them for you until they’re paid out. There’s no time limit expiration, no cutoffs, and no breakaways. The points accrue in your business center until that center balances and pays. So you earn both by direct commissions for sales you make, and by collecting bonus points.




Product Certificates: In addition to receiving a commission, you will receive 10% of the order value in gift certificates, called product certificates, which can accumulated and redeemed for any of the Biomats, Alkal-Life, or Rejuvena, Quantum Energy Pad, and Orgone Biomats. When you join the Diamond club, you get 20% in product certificates.

Placement Certificates: When you collect a certain amount of points from your sales, the system will pay out a $400, $800, or $1200 bonus. When this happens, you will also receive a placement certificate, which grants you an additional business center to collect points for future sales. Each business center has the potential to collect points and pay out bonuses.

Diamond Club: Once you become a Diamond level ISA, you will be eligible for the Diamond Club. There are numerous perks to the Diamond Club, among them that your product certificates will be 10% of your future orders, and that you begin to qualify for the auto allowance program and office space allowance program.

Auto Allowance: To qualify for auto allowance you must first become a Diamond Executive. With the auto allowance, you will receive an additional 10% of your monthly binary bonus checks towards your car loan each month, up to a thousand dollars. The term of the allowance is up to 5 years.

Office Space Support Program:   To qualify for the office space allowance, you need to receive 12 consecutive binary bonus checks.  Then you will be able to enter the program and receive an allowance that can be applied towards a leased or owned office space, based on your sales in the month.

Sponsor 2 Gold Bonus:  As an ISA, you are automatically eligible to get additional rewards with the Sponsor 2 Gold Bonus. Earn a $1,000 PC when you sponsor two (2) Gold Level ISAs.
favicon Sponsor 2 Gold Executive ISAs …… Receive $1,000 PC

Achievement Level Bonus:  Earn a little extra every time you move up. ISAs receive a Product Certificate just for leveling up.
favicon Reaching Gold Level………………………… Receive a $400 Product Certificate
favicon Reaching Emerald Level…………………… Receive a $800 Product Certificate
favicon Reaching Diamond Level………………….. Receive a $1,200 Product Certificate
favicon Reaching Royal Family Level …………… Receive a $1,600 Product Certificate

Fast Success Bonus:  Fast Success is our new way of rewarding ISAs that work hard to fly up the ranks. After your first 30 days of signing up as an ISA, start earning additional cash bonuses and certificates depending on the level you reached. You have ten (10) weeks to earn up to six (6) additional cash bonuses and certificates. Earn a bonus when you get a Binary Payout for that week. Achievement Level after 30 days
favicon Gold Executive ISAs …………………… Earn up to an additional $2,100 in cash and $2,100 in PCs
favicon Emerald Executive ISAs ….……………. Earn up to an additional $4,000 in cash and $4,000 in PCs
favicon Diamond Executive ISAs ………………. Earn up to an additional $6,000 in cash and $6,000 in PCs

Diamond Club – M12 Bonus:  M12 Bonus is a new challenge available to Diamond Club Members. Receive 10% of all your directly sponsored downline’s Binary Bonuses for that month, when you generate at least $6,000 in Personal Business Volume within any calendar month.
favicon Generate $6,000 in PBV ……………… 10% of Directly Sponsored Downline’s Binary Payout

Diamond Club – M18 Bonus:  The M18 Bonus is an additional special bonus for Royal Family Members that signed up for the Diamond Club. Earn 2% of all your downline’s gross Business Volume for that month when you generate at least $9,000 in Personal Business Volume within any calendar month.
favicon Generate $9,000 in PBV ………………… 2% of all Sponsored Downline’s Business Volume

Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. herein referred to as the company, willfully accepts applications for new Independent Sales Associate (Distributor), herein referred to as ISA, to market their products to retail customers. Whereas: the applicant herein is interested in becoming an ISA and earning compensation for the sale of company products to the retail customer.

1. Authorization and Contract.Your contract with the company includes all the terms in this Agreement,any renewal form(s) executed or authorized by you, Terms of use, and Policies and Procedures, that become effective during the term of your contract. You acknowledge that prior to signing this Agreement you have received, read and understood a copy of the Compensation Plan, Terms of use, and Policies and Procedures authorized by the company, which are incorporated into this Agreement and made a part of it as if restated in full, as posted on www.richwayandfujibio.com, and that you have read and agree to all terms set forth in this Agreement.
2. Expiration and Renewal. This Agreement is not in force until accepted by the Richway office. The term of this Agreement is valid for one (1) year from the date in which this Agreement was accepted by the Richway office. An ISA shall be entitled to cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason upon submission of written notice to the Richway office. Active and/or continued distributorship after the end of the term of the Agreement serves as an automatic renewal and acknowledgement of said Agreement.
3. Inactivity. ISAs are considered inactive after one (1) year of no personal purchases or sales. To activate your status, send an email with your account name and last four digits of your ISA ID number to: registration@richwayusa.com. Inactive ISAs are not required to re-submit the signed Agreement. Activating distributorship serves as an automatic renewal and acknowledgement of said Agreement.
4. Distributorship. To become an ISA of Richway & Fuji Bio Inc., a person (or legal entity) must be sponsored by a current active Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. ISA. No purchase or investment is necessary to become a Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. ISA. Purchases or investments does not include the registration fee. All application details must be filled out completely and properly. The company will not be responsible for loss of commissions or bonuses, nor delays in ISA’s registrations due to errors by ISA in preparing or sending in this application or other documents.
5. ISA Limitation. Only one ISA per person shall be given. All ISAs must be of legal age as designed by the State in which the ISA resides.
6. Richway ID number. Currently, an ISA’s ID number is their Tax ID number.
7. Independent Contractor Status. An as independent contractor, the ISA shall abide by any and all federal, state, county and local laws, Policies and Procedures pertaining to the ISA application, and/or acquisition, receipt, holding, selling, distributing, or advertising of company products. The ISA shall make, execute or file, at his/her own expense, all reports and obtain licenses as required by law or public authority with respect to this application. The ISA is solely responsible for declaration and payment of all local, state, and federal taxes as they accrue because of the ISA’s activities in connection with this application.
8. Presenting the Compensation Plan. You agree when presenting the Compensation Plan to present it in its entirety, emphasizing that there is only one Compensation Plan for all ISAs, and that sales to Customers are a requirement to receiving compensation in the form of Bonuses on sales volume. In presenting the Compensation Plan to Prospects, you agree to utilize information from Official Richway Material or any literature, materials or aids specifically authorized in writing by the company.
9. Selling Product and Refunds. You agree that you will not sell any Richway products until you have read the Policies and Procedures included in the Distributor Kit or company website (www.richwayandfujibio.com), and you agree to make no representations or claims about any products beyond those shown on product labels and/or in Richway-authorized literature. You agree to inform Customers of their RI (Richway Invoice) number and of its importance in regards to their warranty and the Repair and. You further agree to sell products available through or by Richway only in authorized territories, including all of the countries and territories of the Region, and to be bound by all sales tax collection agreements between the company and the various taxing jurisdictions, as well as the related rules and procedures established from time to time by the company to effectuate those agreements. A price list of retail products is available at www.richwayandfujibio.com. There are no sales quotas or minimum purchase requirements. You are required to advertise products at no less than the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) indicated on the Price List and adhere to related rules and procedures indicated in the Policies and Procedures. You may return products that you have purchased for a refund in accordance with the Refund and Repair Policy.
10. E-Commerce Advertisements & Special Offers. All ISAs must not advertise on any Online Internet Sales Commerce sites, such as but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Craig’s List, iOffer, Webidz, eBid, BlueJay, eCrater, Online Auction, CQOut, etc. Special offers, discounts, calls for specials, free shipping and similar statements are not allowed on websites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or any other types of media. An ISA’s failure to abide by this policy will result in termination. If an ISA is found assisting in this type of activity in any way, any ISA’s associated will be terminated.
11. Loading Inventory. The Richway business is to create customers by retailing Richway products, for their personal use, or family use. It is company policy, however, to strictly prohibit the purchase of products in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for commissions or advancement in the marketing commission program. ISAs may not load inventory, nor encourage others to load inventory. Failure to abide by this policy will result in termination. An ISA must be able to document that at least 70% of products purchased have been sold. Distributors will be requested to prove retailing of products of five (5) or more of the same product.
12. Order Submission. Orders may be placed by telephone, mail, fax or the Internet. All telephone or fax orders must be paid by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Wire Transfer. Orders by mail may be paid by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Wire Transfer. When paying with a credit card, the card number, expiration date, card security code, and billing address must be included. Customers and Independent Sales Associates will be charged $35 USD for checks returned for insufficient funds.
13. Sponsorship. An ISA who sponsors other ISAs must accept and fulfill the obligation of performing a bona fide supervisory sales management function in marketing products to the final consumer, educating these ISAs in the Richway Policies and Procedures, Richway Compensation Plan, Refund and Repair Policy and other business practices.
14. Commissions/Bonuses.ISAs receive commissions/bonuses based on the volume of Richway products sold by themselves and their marketing organization. The Richway Compensation Plan describes the calculation of weekly and monthly bonuses. Weekly bonus payments are paid two weeks after proof in which the bonuses were qualified, and monthly bonus payments are paid on the last weekend of every month. Refer to the Compensation Plan for more information.
15. Claims/Warranties.ISAs may not make any product claims, weight loss or health benefit claims,product warranties, claims for earnings and benefits, other than those published in Official Richway Material. ISAs shall not publish or distribute information relating to uses of Richway products other than those which are set forth in Official Richway Material. ISAs may not utilize Official Richway Material which is approved for use in one country to make product claims or promote Richway products in another country. All information related to Richway products must include this disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This device does not cure cancer. It does not prescribe any diagnosis or treatment and only claims the statements in the medical device listing of the FDA’s regulations. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Any information and personal testimonies about this device does not reflect any medical claims.” Failure to comply will result in termination.
16. Product Warranty. Richway’s product warranty term is a limited lifetime. If there are any problems with the product, the company will repair or exchange the product presented with their original invoice number. See Refund and Repair Policy for more information.
17. Resignation and Termination. You may resign from your ISA Contract at any time prior to expiration by written communication to the company (1314 S King St #520, Honolulu, HI 96814). The company may terminate your ISA Contract as a result of breach of any of the provisions of your ISA Contract. The company may also take actions short of termination of your ISA Contract, as a result of breach of any of its provisions. In determining what actions to take in the event of breach of the ISA Contract, the company may consider without limitation the nature and severity of the breach, whether the breach can be or has been cured following notification by the company of the existence of the same, and whether there are multiple simultaneous, serial or repeating breaches. If you do not agree with action taken by the company under this paragraph, you may submit a dispute.
18. Modification of Terms. The terms of your ISA Contract may be modified. It is the responsibility of the ISA to check for any modifications on our website (www.richwayandfujibio.com). Continued involvement in the company indicates that you are aware and have acknowledged the modifications.
19. Jurisdiction and Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Hawaii, and all claims, disputes, and other matters between the parties of this Agreement shall be made in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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