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Details about the promotion:

The summer sizzling sale features amazing free gifts with your purchase.  If you buy over the dollar amount, you will get the corresponding free gift. If you prefer to give us a call and order over the phone you can do so at 888-800-8630.

Sale runs July 6 – September 19, 2020


1) Will the promotional item(s) be shipped with the order? How do I claim my promotional item(s)?

No, the redeemable promotional item(s) will not be shipped with the order. Once the order has been processed, a certificate to redeem the free item(s) will be generated and e-mailed to the customer (applicant) two (2) weeks following the order processing date. The certificate will have a list of the eligible promotional items that the customer can choose from. Shipping and handling not included. If the customer has not provided an e-mail address, the certificate will be mailed out via US mail. Mail service is offered to US and Canadian residents.

Shipping cost for Biomat Aroma Stand, BioAmethyst Cushion, and Biobelt:  $30
Shipping cost for Alpha Max :  $10

2) What is the expiration date of the special coupon?

The expiration date is three (3) months from the issue date.

3) Can I use Product Certificates towards my order to qualify for the Sizzling Summer Promo Promotion?

No, orders that use product Certificates are not eligible for counting towards free promotional items.

4) Will the Biomat® Professional purchased using the $100 discount count towards the Sizzling Summer Promo Promotion?

Yes, the $100 Discounted Biomats® will count towards the Sizzling Summer Promo.



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