COVID-19 and the Biomat


COVID-19 and the Biomat

Many of us are at home and either fighting the virus COVID-19 or trying to prevent infection.   If you are someone that is interested in holistic health, you may have been researching supplements such as grapefruit seed extract, elderberry, vitamin C, olive leaf extract, oregano oil, essential oils, zinc, lomatium root, etc.  Have you considered using an Amethyst Biomat?

While we have no conclusive evidence as to the effectiveness of an Amethyst Biomat with COVID-19, and we can not promise it will cure you, we do have some interesting information for you to educate yourself and consider using a Biomat in these circumstances.  I decided to write this article as I was talking to health practitioners who were frantically purchasing Biomats for their patients in the past weeks to help with COVID-19.  I wondered what they knew that I didn't, so I started to do some research.

One man I spoke to yesterday in California told me that he was fighting for his life, and believes he had COVID-19.  He was using his Biomat which he believed was helping it not travel to his lungs, but he noticed his head area still felt symptomatic.  He realized that the crystals don't reach to the top of the Biomat, so he slid down and put his head on the Biomat on the negative ion setting without heat, and he said in 2 hours his symptoms totally disappeared and he feels ok now.  He is waiting to get results back to see if he actually had COVID-19, and if it positive, he says he wants to get an Amethyst Biomat into every hospital, because he believes it cured him.

The Chiyu Center in Longmont, CO has been using the Biomat and Dr. Erika Fayina Marie, DACM shared her experience. "When I developed symptoms of COVID-19, I discovered that my Biomat was an ESSENTIAL part of my self-care and recovery plan. I started having COVID-19 symptoms three days after treating a patient that turned out to be COVID-19 positive. With my underlying health conditions, I was an at-risk individual. I experienced all the symptoms, including shortness of breath and chest pain and pressure. After resting on the Biomat, my lungs would feel clearer and move more freely. I could breathe easier, as if the "stuckness" in my chest was breaking up. The warmth felt wonderful when I had chills, warming me from neck to toes, and calming my nerves. When I'd experience headaches, a rest on the Biomat would clear the pain completely. The sensations of burning chest pain and pressure would also significantly lessen, and my kidneys ached less. When I slept on the Biomat, I would sleep more deeply, and I woke with more energy. My symptoms remained mild-moderate, and I never needed to be hospitalized. I was grateful to have our Biomat."

Earlier this week, we also got a message from the manufacturer of the Biomat telling us that Dr. George Grant, PhD is working on a paper "The effect of Thermotherapy/Bio Mat on Corona Virus COVID-19", for his tests indicate promising results.  On Dr. Grant's website he recommends using the Biomat over 85° F as part of a health protocol for COVID-19.  While we don't know for sure what the Biomat will do for COVID-19, we do know this.  It appears to be sensitive to heat.  The ancient Greek philosopher and father of metaphysics, Parmenides, is credited with the following quote in the 6th century B. C. : “Give me the power to produce fever, and I’ll cure all disease.”

Viruses themselves cannot be killed because they are not actually living organisms. They are made up of genetic material surrounded by a shell, or capsid and they can be inactivated by several methods, including heat.

In a study conducted in China, exposure to UV light for 90 minutes at 133° F minutes efficiently eliminated the ability of the virus to spread.  Viruses in general are heat sensitive, which is why fevers play such an important role in healing. The fever interferes with viral replication.  In another study, far infrared therapy (delivered by a Biomat) was shown to be a non-invasive therapy with no side effects that could help patients with autoimmune and chronic health problems.  The ability of far infrared to increase the immune response is in and of itself a good reason to include it in your pandemic protocol.  But in addition to that, we know that coronavirus is especially sensitive to heat. At temperatures between 130-140° F, the capsid collapses, inactivating the virus. We can take advantage of that trait by incorporating a routine for prevention or treatment while we battle this pandemic.

Using the Amethyst Biomat on the far infrared sauna setting (158°F) for 60 minutes would be an easy way of creating a lot of heat in your body safely at home if you already know it is safe with your medical conditions to do a sauna (check with your doctor.)  Lots of people do saunas regularly for various health benefits.  When the body heats up during an infrared sauna session, the heart rate increases, causing a relaxing of muscle cells to accelerate blood flow and cellular oxygenation.  This promotes more white blood cell production which improves immune functions and can work to fight off a virus. 

What is particularly interesting about the Amethyst Biomat is that it is not solely delivering far infrared heat therapy.  It also emits negative ions through amethyst crystals.  In a study published by Sci Rep, negative ions can also prevent virus replication and has proven effective in cases of influenza virus.  Because of the negative ions, it may not even be necessary to use the Biomat with the heat to see results. This might be an approach if you aren't able to use heat due to your existing medical conditions for example.

We still have much to learn about the coronavirus and the human body, and hopefully as we wait for a definitive cure, we can practice safe approaches at home to help our body heal and recover, and help our families stay healthy.  While we practice new hygiene habits, wash our hands and don't touch our face, clean our food effectively, take health supplements, limit our social circles, and practice social distancing, consider there is another thing you could do - get an Amethyst Biomat for your home.  If nothing else, it will definitely help you relax in these intense times.  Studies have shown that an Amethyst Biomat assists in a 78% improvement in stress reduction, better sleep, less cortisol and overall improvement.  We could all use that right now anyways.  

If you would like to chat more about getting a Biomat, please feel free to give us a call at 888-800-8630.  The Amethyst Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device, and we offer a 14 day free trial with a money back guarantee.  If the price tag is discouraging (they range from $700 and up) than consider our 0% financing program.  My goal is to help everyone who wants a Biomat to get one into their hospital, clinic, and home.  I have hope that it might just make a difference.


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